Safety Tips for Driving to Naran Kaghan

Safety Tips for Driving to Naran Kaghan

Safety Tips for Driving to Naran Kaghan

Safety Tips for Driving to Naran Kaghan 1024 543 Ali Mobin

Driving your own car is the best way to enjoy the trip to the scenic Northern Areas of Pakistan. There are some safety tips that you should keep in mind while embarking upon a trip to Kaghan and Naran. Every year there are a large number of accidents involving tourists in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. In order to avoid any untoward situation on your holidays to Northern Region, keep in mind the necessary precaution while driving in the mountainous area 

Safety Tips for driving in Naran Kaghan Area:

1. Make sure you get your car serviced and the oil changed.

2. Check the brake pads and brake oil.

3. Make sure the fan belt of the car is in good condition. 

4. Check your extra Tyre and make sure the air pressure is correct. 

While on the road take into account the following things:

1. If you have a flat tyre, get it fixed as soon as possible as it will be hard to find tyre fixing shops on the road.

2. If your car needs urgent mechanical repair / electrical repair get it done before sunset as most workshops will close by sunset.

3. Avoid travelling at night as if your car breaks down you will not be able to get any help till morning. 

4. Make sure that your fuel gauge does not go below the 50% mark.

5. Carry a couple of bottles of water in case you need to cool down the radiator. While cooling the radiator keeps the engine running when pouring water on the radiator. Do not try to open the hot radiator.

6. The cost of repair for a seized engine is Rs. 40-50 Thousand. Gas kit repair costs around 15k. If your engine is not working you will need to hire a truck to transport the car to Rawalpindi to get it fixed. 

7. The gas kit can be fixed in Skardu and Gilgit. 

8. Carry an extra fuse and you should know how to replace the fuse in the fuse box. 

9. Maintain a proper gear ratio while driving down the slope. Generally, you should use the same gear to drive downhill as the one you used to go up. 

10. For Automatic cars use D2 while driving downhill. Give some rest to the brakes by stopping for 5-10 minutes.

11. Do not pour water over hot brakes. 

12. Mobile signals might not be available in all areas.  

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