Unique cultural experiences in Malaysia

Malaysia has emerged as a tourist hub in the South-East Asian Region with a large number of airlines operating from Kuala Lumpur. 

Malaysia offers a unique blend of modern and traditional cultures existing side by side. With over 300 years of colonial occupation and rule by several sultanates, Malaysia is a great destination for historic adventures. A unique mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures offers a wide range of exotic cuisine including Peranakan food. 

Planning a family holiday?

Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Melaka and Johor Bahru are the most popular destinations in Malaysia offering a wide range of shopping options and rich cultural experiences for visitors to Malaysia. 

Most cities offer world-class accommodations in all price ranges. Enjoy theme parks, museums, bird parks and plenty of indoor and outdoor kids' activities. 



Most popular locations include

  • Langkawi
  • Cameron Highlands
  • Gentingh Highlands
  • Kuala Lumpmur City
  • Desaru
  • Georgetown Penang

Planning a Honeymoon or a Wedding?

Malaysia is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations for couples from Kuala Lumpur and other Muslim countries as Malaysia caters to Halal Tourism offering a wide range of Hala-friendly travel options. Most restaurants serve Halal food. 


Check out 4 & 5-Star resorts offering special honeymoon packages including luxury stays, dinners and cruises for a memorable honeymoon experience. 


Langkawi, Penang and Kuala Lumpur stays some of the top destinations for honeymooners. 


The tourism department is encouraging "Honeymoon & Wedding Tourism" by providing useful information to international visitors to help organize wedding ceremonies. AWP (Association of Wedding Professionals) is aimed to provide quality wedding ceremonies for all denominations as well as creating networking opportunities for related businesses. 



Up for amazing cultural experiences?

Peranakan Culture & Amazing Nyonya Food

Over 100 years of Peranakan Culture can be observed in the art, architecture and amazing cuisine of Malaysia. 


Enjoy amazing well-preserved buildings and Museums in Penang, Melaka and Kuala Lumpur that capture the rich cultural history of Malaysia.


Explore UNESCO heritage declared the city of Melaka with beautifully preserved colonial buildings dating back to Dutch and Portuguese settlers.  


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Planning to drive in Malaysia?

All major cities of mainland Malaysia are connected by an extensive network of freeways with stopovers along the way. 

Driving through Malaysia is a great way to explore some off-the-beaten-path locations in between major stopovers. 

Roadtrips from Kuala Lumpur to Genting Highlands, Kuala Lumpur to Melaka and Ipoh are practical itineraries if you are planning to stay for shorter periods in Malaysia.

Trains connect Singapore with Thailand passing through major cities of mainland Malaysia.

Buses are a very economical and efficient way of travelling interstate in Malaysia. The buses also connect Kuala Lumpur with Singapore and Thailand.

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Best destinations in Malaysia

Some interesting tourist statistics

2018 Travel Data

Malaysia attracts a large number of visitors every year from Asian countries including: 

  • Singapore - 10.62 million
  • Indonesia 3.28 milion
  • Thailand - 1.91 million
  • Brunei  - 1.38 million

Some interesting tourist statistics

The most popular regions for domestic and international tourists are Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Melaka and Pahang.

These areas have the most number of hotels as well as tourist attractions across Malaysia. 

Total number of Hotels & Rooms in Malaysia


There are a total of 5.34K hotels across various regions of Malaysia. These hotels are categorized from 1-5 Stars based on the services and facilities offered. 


The general quality and service of 2-3 Star hotels are quite reasonable across various cities. 

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