Visiting Pattaya Thailand from Pakistan

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Visiting Pattaya Thailand from Pakistan

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Planning a fun-packed solo trip to some of the most popular locations in Thailand. Pattaya should be on the top of your list if you enjoy the nightlife, adult entertainment, clubbing and some exotic experiences in one of the most visited locations in Thailand. Pattaya is easily accessible from Thailand airport and Thailand city by taxi or bus. 

Visiting Pattaya Thailand from Pakistan

Sixty years back, Pattaya was only known as a small fishing village located along the eastern coastline of the Gulf of Thailand. This city was previously used by USA troops and some tourists from Bangkok as a holiday destination in 1959. Their visits promoted the construction of hotels, bars and restaurants. Finally, in 1978, this village rose to the status of a city because of its popularity among international tourists and unique tourist spots

When is the best time to visit Pattaya Thailand?

This resort city is located at a two-hour drive from Bangkok. Pattaya is especially popular among tourists as these shorelines offer a variety of exciting attractions and activities like plunging, skiing, parasailing, eateries and many more.

The climate of Pattaya is tropical in nature. The best time to visit Pattaya is from November to February as the weather during this time is very much pleased with a maximum temperature of 31°C during the day time and 22°C at night time. So, tourists mostly love to enjoy the sunshine at beaches during these months. Also, the cool breeze at night makes the beaches, roads and streets more enchanting and one can pleasantly enjoy shopping at markets. Even roaming about the streets becomes very peaceful.

The weather here is usually dry and humid from March to May but this city receives heavy monsoons from June to October. Pattaya city can be enjoyed at its best during this season because beaches are less crowded and the temperature is not very much high. In this monsoon season, tourists can enjoy many indoor visits like Central Festival, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum of Art in Paradise Gallery and many other places.

How to reach Pattaya Thailand and where to stay?

Tourists can easily reach Pattaya by taxi, bus, train and aeroplane. U-Tapao Airport at Sattahip is 30km away from Pattaya. From this airport, you can easily hire a taxi and go straight to Pattaya but only to limited destinations there. However, the best option is to use The Bangkok Airport which is 120km away from Pattaya. From here buses leave after every 2 hours which cost A$4.47 per person only. The air-conditioned buses also leave for Pattaya after every 30 minutes from Ekkamal Bus Terminal and these buses charge A$4.55 per person.

Resorts on Pattaya Beach

Travelling by taxi is the easiest and most comfortable way to reach Pattaya. Tourists should book online taxi services as it is the most convenient way. However, reaching Pattaya by Taxi is far more expensive than the bus as it costs $33.45. Tourists can also use the train to reach there but it will take up to 4 hours. Also, there is only one train that runs between Lamphong Railway Station, Bangkok and Pattaya Railway station. The train also has three levels of classes. 

Best Holiday Resorts in Pattaya

This resort city offers a variety of hotels for national and international tourists. Ranging from the cheapest to 5-star hotels, tourists can find favourable and reasonable accommodations. Some of the 5-star hotels are Navana Navan Nature Escape, Cape Dara Resort (A$358.18), Pullman Pattaya Hotel  (A$277).

These five-star resorts are famous for their beautiful oceanic sceneries, sea views and facilities of spas, swimming and yoga classes. Acqua Hotel ($165.95) and The Radiance Pattaya (A$156.27) are some of the famous 4-star hotels.

Pattaya Holiday Lodge  (A$30.42), Rattakit Mansion  (A$33.1) and BamBus Motel  (A$27.66) are among some of the cheapest hotels found in Pattaya. However, it totally depends on the choice of tourists and what kind of peace and comfort they want. The cheaper hotels may lack some luxuries but still, they provide the best accommodations facilities and of course are the best options for vacations.

5 Most Visited Destinations in Pattaya

Mini Siam Park displays Thailand’s and the world’s famous sites. In a 90 Minutes tour, tourists will observe the models of ancient temples of Thailand like Wat Arun, Khmer Temple, Emerald Buddha Temple and many others. Wonders of the world are also standing in this park. Tourists are advised to book their visits online. 

Nang Nooch Village has secured 9th place in the world’s famous botanical gardens. Spread over 600 acres, this garden has 670 local species and mixed breeds, flower nurseries, a waterfall and a lake. Thai cultural shows, Thai dance, kickboxing and sword fighting are its other famous attractions.

Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya is purely made of wood. Its architecture is a symbolic representation of the past’s building techniques and Thailand’s woodworking skills. Religious philosophies of India, China, Khmer and Thailand in form of portraits are carved throughout the building.

The underwater world is a modern and unique aquarium. Its most attractive thing is that it offers a great deal of time with marine life where tourists can dive with sharks and ray and feed Koi fish using bottles. Here ocean’s dangerous predators can also be seen swimming side by side with tourists.

Pattaya Floating Market is the true representation of Thai food, ancient Thai lifestyle and Thai culture. This floating market can be seen in the form of stalls, art, food, souvenirs and handmade items. Almost 114 vendors can be observed floating in their traditional canoes and boats.

Best things to do in Pattaya Thailand? 

Silver lake winery is at a distance of 45 minutes from Pattaya. In this winery, you can witness the world’s first-class wines. Here, you will observe the whole process of the production of wine. You can also taste the award-winning wines and can tour the vineyard.

Walking Street in Pattaya is a great attraction because here you will enjoy the nightclubs, bars, restaurants, men in cobras, sports bars, music lounges and many other attractions. This street is decorated with colourful neon lights.

Coral Island offers a variety of activities here your day will begin with parachute flying. This activity will give you a vast and beautiful view of Pattaya Bay. After this, you can enjoy jet skiing and snorkelling. Snorkelling will let you discover new kinds of fish and reefs.

Pattaya Kart Speedway offers tourists three levels of tracks varying from 450 meters to 750 meters. It is the safest track for tourists in Pattaya to enjoy high-speed tracking. All you need to do is to look for sharp turns!

While exploring Pattaya, you can make Art in Paradise a stopover. This is a 3-dimensional art gallery where you can refresh yourself by taking pictures from the right angles. Every picture will take you into a new 3D world,

If one wants to take a break from a dull mechanic life and wants to experience the true colours of nature then what else can be the best option rather than holidaying and adventuring at Pattaya? Skiing at islands, diving with sharks, stepping into different 3D arts, experiencing a whole-wide world in a single city or floating with the vendors would definitely freshen you up.

Ibextrails Stay at Pattaya Jomtien Beach in 2018

I stayed for three nights at Jomtien Beach Phuket which is the area behind the hill bearing a large Pattaya Sign. Jomtien Beach is relatively laid back and relaxed and not as crowded as the main street of Pattaya downtown. The local commute is quite cheap and affordable and you can hop on and off local vans that go around in a loop connecting most touristy spots in Pattaya. 

I booked a room at Royal Beach View Resort located within walking distance from Jomtien Beach. This location is ideal for a family holiday. The property is very well managed and maintained with a swimming pool and large-size deluxe rooms. 

In recent years there is plenty of development in this part of Pattaya with 4 to 5 Star Resorts along the beachfront. Jomtien Beach is a great place to swim or simply relax.

Visiting Koh Lan Island

Koh Lan Island is off of Pattaya Beach and is a popular location for a day trip. The ferry cost around 30 BHAT. You can charter your own boat to reach the Island in 15 minutes. If you plan to stay at the Island, a number of 2-3 star resorts are available at very affordable rates. 

The best way to navigate the island is to rent a bike and explore some remote beaches. Tata Beach is located on the top end of the Island and is a great place to enjoy the clear water and splash in shallow waters. You can also hire a taxi to navigate to various parts of the Island. 


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