Phuket, a great location for a fun holiday in thailand

phuket thailand

Phuket, a great location for a fun holiday in thailand

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Planning to visit Phuket Island in Thailand

Pronounced as Phu-get, Phuket is one of the most visited destinations in Thailand. Phuket is called the pearl of the east because of its beautiful island destinations, clear water and great ambience. Leonardo Di Caprio’s movie beach is shot on Phi Phi islands, which resembles a heavenly retreat and still offers an escape from hectic city lives. Many people travel from around the world to find a little piece of heaven in these interesting destinations. 

Quick Facts about Phuket

What is the best time to visit Phuket?

December to March is the best time to travel to Phuket. January and February are the peak seasons with the most number of tourists to the region. The accommodation is hard to find especially around new years eve with a full moon party in full swing. Holidaymakers and fun lovers from around the world crowd to these beaches to party all night. 

How do I get from Phuket airport to Patong?

Patong is approximately one hour drive from Phuket Airport. There are several ways to travel in Phuket. Catching a taxi will save you a lot of time as the traffic from Phuket airport to the Patong area is quite busy. 

taxi from Phuket Airport to Patong costs 800BHAT. An alternative option is to catch a shared mini-bus that carries ten passengers and takes around 2 hours to reach Patong as there are several stopovers for drop-offs along the way. This is a comfortable and cheap option if you are not in a rush. The minibus costs around 180 BHAT. 

Visiting Patong Beach Phuket

Patong is one of the most popular and crowded neighbourhoods in Phuket. The heart of the nightlife is Phuket, Bangla road is located next to Patong beach and attracts large crowds from across the world during the peak holiday season ( December to February).

Tiger Club on Bangla Road Patong

Patong area has a lot to offer for families and single travellers. People travelling with families seeking quieter neighbourhoods should explore locations on the outskirts of Patong or resorts near Karon Beach.

Patong has a good mix of cheap budget-type hotels to high-end resorts, catering to all tastes. The rates for the room skyrocket during peak season and it is advisable to book in advance. Agoda offers up to 40% discount on advance booking.

Where to eat in Patong?

Patong has plenty of restaurants catering to all tastes. Robinson Shopping Center near Bangla Road has plenty of international fast-food chains, bars and western eateries.

Robinson Mall offers plenty of western restaurants and bars

There is a live seafood market (Banzan Fresh Food Market) across the road from Shopping Center where you can buy your own seafood and get it cooked in your own style. 

You can buy plenty of local produce, vegetable, fruit and cheap local food at lunch hour. The food court on the first floor is open till late. 

Interesting things to do in Phuket

Catching a flight from Bangkok to Phuket is a day worth of effort as navigating through Bangkok traffic and then catching a local transport from Phuket airport to the hotel can take some time.

How much does it cost to commute from Phuket Airport to Patong Beach? I suggest catching an early morning flight that will enable you to utilize your first day in Phuket and get some time to relax and rejuvenate.

Enjoy watersports on Patong Beach Phuket

A taxi rental at the Phuket Airport costs around 700 Baht.  A shared mini-van is a better option and costs around 200 Baht to the Patong Beach area. Old Phuket Town, Kata and Karon beach is further up the road and will normally cost more.  

Staying in a Hotel near Bangla Road

Bangla Road and Patong Beach are the main attractions in Phuket as Bangla Road is the heart of nightlife, clubbing and restaurants. The restaurants are catering to all tastes and you can find international chains as well as local restaurants. 

More about Patong Beach Phuket

I booked a Phoenix Grand hotel online through Hotelscobmined Network and got a very cheap rate for a 4-Star Hotel, ideally located at walking distance from Patong Beach, Phuket and the main shopping area as well Banzaan Fresh Fruit Market. O
n the first day, I walked up to Patong Beach which is famous for water sports including water scooters, windsurfing, banana boats and boat tours etc. 

Busy afternoon at Patong Beach

There are plenty of restaurants, cafes bars along Patong Beach and Bangla Road in the Patong area. 

Banzaan Night Market offers street food and shopping

I enjoyed fresh seafood at the Banzaan Fresh Fruit Market. The customers can buy fresh seafood including fish, prawns, crabs and lots more and get it cooked by a number of kitchens located on the first floor of the complex. 

At lunchtime, a number of stalls offer street food under 10 Baht per meal. At night time, the open area near the street is converted to a food market where you can enjoy local Thai cuisine. 

Banzaan Fresh Seafood Market

Paragliding costs are 1500 Baht. Negotiate your prices with the local vendors on the beach and you can get a good deal. The ride will take you across the length of Patong beach and offers a great adrenalin rush if you are doing it for the first time. These activities continue on the beach all through the day.

If you are planning a relaxing day on the beach, just relax on the clear sandy beach sipping some nice coconut drinks and enjoying the festive crowd. The vibe on the beach is amazing. 

Nightlife and clubbing in Bangla Road Phuket

Later in the evening, you can visit Illuzion Night Club or Tiger Club to dance your night away to the music from the best house DJs and international performers. The illusion is rated among the top 100 clubs in the world. 

Bangla Road has plenty of bars that are open till 4 am in the morning. The fun and music continue all throughout the night. Bangla Road is definitely the right place for party people and fun lovers.

Illuzion night club on Bangla Road

Later in the evening step into one of many nice massage parlours to enjoy a relaxing massage. (One-hour massage costs 250 Baht)

Day Tour of Phuket Island

The tour van will pick you up from your hotel. The transport is quite comfortable and a tour guide accompanies all tours as per government regulation. After collecting passengers from various hotels, the tour van will meander through the twisting roads of Karon beaches reaching up to the Karon lookout. The locations command amazing views of the coastline of Phuket Island. 

Island Hopping Tour from Old Town Phuket Jetty

The next stop is the top of the Big Buddha located on top of the mountain. This amazing statue is a place of worship for Buddhists and a popular tourist attraction. Take some memorable photographs of the statue.

The tour continues on to some beautiful local Buddhist Temples in the area. Other stopovers on the way include Honey Farm and Cashewnuts processing factory. These locations sell very exclusive local produce and products made from natural ingredients. 

The next stop is a massive gem and jewellery store exhibiting great craftsmen of the local diamond jewellery makers. 

The tour ends with a trip to Old Phuket Town. The decorated alleyways have a number of craft shops and cafes. 

Full-Day Island Hopping Tour

Travelling to some of the islands around Phuket is definitely one of the best experiences of travelling to Phuket. A three-engine speedboat tour is the best way to enjoy the tour. One speedboat carries around 40 passengers.

Snorkeling during Phi Phi Island Tour

The tour vans pick up the passengers from the hotels and bring them to the jetty area near Old Phuket town. 

The passengers are briefed about the tour and warned about hazards on the beach and safety measures to be taken to enjoy the tour. 

The tours take you to the coral island for snorkelling. Snorkelling equipment and jackets are provided by the boat operators and you are given 30 minutes to enjoy the locations.

The next trip is a bit longer to Phi Phi Don Island where lunch is served in a big shared hotel. The lunch is included in the package. You can explore the island at your own pace. 

Stopping over at Phi Phi Don Island for lunch

The tour continues on to Monkey Island and the boat is stopped once again for another snorkelling session in deeper waters of the ocean. You will observe plenty of sea life in the ocean. 

The boat takes a 45-minute ride back to the Jetty and passengers are dropped at local hotels. 

This tour is a must if you want to enjoy the visit to amazing locations in the area. 

For a more relaxed tour, you can charter your own boat or travel using a large cruise.

Tours in Phuket

Jinny Tours has teamed up with Ibextrails to provide amazing tours to some of the interesting destinations in Phuket. 

Stopover at Khai Nai Island during Phi Phi Island Tour

A trip to Phuket will be incomplete without taking some of the local tours. Some of the most popular tours are:

-Phi Phi Island Tour
-James Bond Island Tour
-Similan Island Tour
-Raya Island Tour
-Coral Island Tour

These destinations can be visited individually by booking a charter boat. Alternatively, you can book one of many tours (7 Island Tour, 9 Island Tour etc) to visit multiple locations in one tour. The tours are conducted in 3-engine boats. The staff is highly trained and familiar with the best locations for snorkelling and diving. 

Other most sought-after activities include:

-Big Game Fishing
-Elephant Trekking
-Phuket Fantasea Shoes
-Safari Tour
-Phuket Zoo

Best Tours in Phuket

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