Orange Lake Resort – Khanpur Dam

Orange Lake Resort Khanpur Dam

Orange Lake Resort – Khanpur Dam

Orange Lake Resort – Khanpur Dam 1024 538 Ali Mobin

Khanpur Dam has always been a popular tourist location for a day trip with a beautiful lake offering basic picnic facilities along the lakeside. With recent development along the lakefront, Khanpur Dam has become one of the most popular tourist resorts in the region offering a wide range of watersports and resort-styled accommodations for an extended period of stay. 

Our Trip To Khanpur Dam:

We planned a family trip from Abbottabad to Khanpur in late February 2022. Early springs bring clear weather with bright sunny days that are ideal for day trips. The driving distance of Khanpur Dam is 65 km and takes approximately 1.5 hours if driving along the Hazara Motorway. 

If driving from Abbottabad Join the Hazara Motory way near Salhad and exit for Khanpur Dam near the city of Haripur. The two road meanders through rolling hills with brick kilns and limestone quarries on both sides of the road. Historically, this region is popular for rock mining and the mountains stretching from Khanpur to Taxila are rich in limestone used extensively in the construction and chemical industry. 

The region is also the hub of the Harappa civilization, one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Other places of historical interest in the area include:

  • Taxila Museum
  • Julian Ruins
  • A Sikh Temple in Hasanabdal
  • Mughal Gardens

There are currently a couple of private resorts located near the lake that is accessible by single laneway roads. The Orange Lake Resort is easily accessible from the main road (N125) connecting Haripur with Islamabad through Taxila.

The Orange Lake Resort is a private property located along the banks of Khanpur Dam. The beautiful property is very well maintained and provided ample accommodation in a white building overlooking the 

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