Things to do in Kuching – Sarawak river cruise

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Things to do in Kuching – Sarawak river cruise

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Kuching Sarawak is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia. Sarawak has a rich tribal culture and 100 years of colonial occupation. The Kuching city was ruled by White Rajah and most of the architectural heritage be traced back to that region. Sarawak River was a major transport and trade channel and cuts through the middle of the city.

Planning a visit to Kuching Sarawak? The best place to stay in Kuching is along the Sarawak waterfront in Kuching. A couple of nice waterfront hotels including the Riverside Majestic Hotel, Hilton Hotel, and Grand Margherita are located in the waterfront area providing easy access to the promenade, Chinatown, and the historic part of the town.

best kuching attractions - boat tours
Boat tours in Sarawak River

The Sarawak River Cruise is a great way to enjoy scenic views of many beautiful buildings and structures developed along the waterfront. Old Brook Dockyard which is an abandoned building can also be seen from the river.

best things to do in Kuching
River Cruise at Sarawak Riverfront

There are two different types of boat tours and cruises available at the waterfront. The basic one-engine boat costs around RM 15 for a one-hour tour. The boat traverses along the waterfront where a number of beautiful buildings like Astana, Fort Margherita, and Bandaraya Mosque can be seen in the distance. A number of local fishermen fish for local fish from their boats.

best things to do in kuching sarawak
Astana is located along the Sarawak Riverfront

The houses along the waterfront are built on stilt to cater to rising river waters during floods and rainy seasons. Fishing is very common in the Sarawak River which is rich in local species of fish including tapah, jelawat, baung and sebarau amongst others. A number of seafood courts serve popular seafood dishes along the Sarawak River. Top Spot Seafood Court is located across the road from Grand Margherita Hotel.

One a pleasant sunny day, a river boat tour is quite enjoyable and you will be able to enjoy scenic views and a cool river breeze.

best things to do in kuching
Abandoned structure of Brooke Dockyards are located along the riverfront

At night time the riverfront turns into a night market with colorful lighting. Local stalls sell fresh coconut, fruit drinks, and light snacks. A number of vendors sell toys to families visiting with children. The pleasant waterfront atmosphere attracts large crowds over the weekends.

things to do in kuching
Riverfront properties ar built on stilts to cater for rising water level in the river.

A number of seafood restaurants are located along Jalan Power which is located at a walking distance from the promenade.

things to do in kuching sarawak
Seafood restaurants located at Jalan Power

The waterfront area can be easily explored on foot and you will find a number of nice cafes and restaurants including James Brooke Cafe built in a traditional colonial single-story structure.

Where to stay in kuching sarawak

There are a number of quality high-end hotels located along the riverfront including Hilton, Grand Margherita, Pullman, Harbour View, and Imperial Riverbank Hotel.

I stayed at Grand Margherita Hotel which is ideally located within walking distance from the Sarawak Riverfront Area. Two Shopping Centers, a food court, and a number of quality cafes are located in the vicinity of the hotel.

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