Genting’s Strawberry Leisure Farm: An Unforgettable Experience

Strawberry Leisure farms

Genting’s Strawberry Leisure Farm: An Unforgettable Experience

Genting’s Strawberry Leisure Farm: An Unforgettable Experience 1024 543 Shouket Ali

Visiting Kuala Lumpur for a family holiday and planning to explore the best places of interest near Kuala Lumpur? Genting Highlands is an unmissable destination for first-time visitors to KL. The amazing entertainment location is developed as a fun-packed location for the entire family. Strawberry Leisure Farms is one of the most popular locations to explore while visiting Genting Highlands. Most day tours operating from KL to Genting include stopovers at the Strawberry Leisure Farms.

How to plan a day trip from Kuala Lumpur to Genting Leisure Strawberry Farms?

The best option is to drive from Kuala Lumpur to Genting Highlands. The benefit of self-drive includes stopping at many interesting places along the way including Awana Cable Car, Fashion Outlets, and the Gohtong Jaya area. There is plenty to do in Genting, a weekend stay is highly recommended if you have more time to yourself. Book in advance to get the best rates at the FIRST WORLD HOTEL which is the biggest hotel in the world with over 7000+ rooms.

Other places of interest include indoor and outdoor theme parks that will take time to explore. Not all attractions can be explored in a day in Genting Highlands as the there are a number of casinos interlinked with foot passages with with hundreds of shopping outlets and restaurants all in one place.

If you plan to rent a Premier Taxi for a day trip, I suggest booking through KLOOK to get the best rates and service for a day trip. A 7 seater van should cost around RM 400 for a day trip.

Strawberry Leisure Farms in Genting Highlands Malaysia

How much does it cost to visit genting strawberry farms?

The adult entry fee to Genting Strawberry Farm is RM 15. The fee for a child is RM 10.

In addition if you plan to pick Strawberries, the picked fruit costs around RM 10 per 100 gram. This activity is optional.

Local honey products at the Farms

Other activities at Genting Strawberry Farms include enjoying Lavender Farms and Local Flower Farms. There are a number of quality health and skin care products developed from these herbs and flowers including herbal teas, skin treatment creams, and lotions that can be bought from the shop on the premises.

Pick Fresh Strawberries from the Farm

The farms also include mini gift and souvenir shopping areas and cafes. A walk through the farm is a very refreshing experience as the colorful collection of local and imported flowers along with lavender farms creates a very soothing sight for eyes.

A beautiful collection of flowers at the Strawberry Farms

I always enjoy stopping by at the Gohtong Jaya for a hot cup of Teh Tarek. The area has a number of every budget cafes and restaurants. This stopover is essentially to prep up for the hectic day at the theme parks in Genting Highlands.

Cafes in Gohtong Jaya

If you are planning a day trip to Genting Highlands, I suggest starting early as the driving distance to Genting is around 1.5 hours. Also, you will have to walk a lot to explore various sections of casinos, shopping outlets, and resorts. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes and elderly people do not over-exert themselves.

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