Best Kids Attractions and activities at Genting Highlands

kids attractions at Gentingh Highlands Malaysia

Best Kids Attractions and activities at Genting Highlands

Best Kids Attractions and activities at Genting Highlands 800 600 Shouket Ali

Situated 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur, the country’s capital lies Genting Highlands, popularly known as Resorts World Genting. Located at an elevation of 6,000 feet above sea level, this mountain resort provides a cool and revitalizing haven from the bustle of the city. Offering a variety of attractions and activities for guests of all ages, Genting Highlands is a family-friendly vacation spot. Genting Highlands offers something for everyone to enjoy, from theme parks and entertainment options to dining options and outdoor activities. Genting Highlands is a great place for families looking for a convenient and comfortable place to stay because it has many world-class hotels and resorts. Families trying to unwind will find it to be the ideal getaway due to the cool weather and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Key Takeaways for Genting Highlands

  • Genting Highlands is a popular hill resort in Malaysia known for its cool climate and family-friendly attractions. Visitors escaping the summer heat in Kuala Lumpur spend weekends in Berjaya Hills and Genting Highlands.
  • There are a variety of family-friendly accommodations available, including hotels with themed rooms and facilities for children. Ghotong Jaya has recently seen a spate of development with a number of luxury accommodation options.
  • The resort is home to several theme parks and attractions, such as indoor and outdoor theme parks, a Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum, and a snow world.
  • Families can enjoy outdoor activities such as nature walks, jungle trekking, and visiting strawberry farms and vegetable gardens.
  • Entertainment options for families include live shows, concerts, and a cinema, as well as a variety of dining options catering to different tastes and budgets.
  • Awana Skyway Cable Car is a major attraction providing a 2km long ride from Ghotong Jaya to Awana Resort. The

How far is Genting Highlands from Kuala Lumpur and what is the best way to get there?

Kuala Lumpur city is 45 km from the Genting Highlands and it takes approximately one hour to drive to Genting Highlands Resorts World. Most people prefer to park their cars at the Awana Skyworlds parking and catch a ride to Awana Resort. Alternatively, you can park your car at one of the multi-story car parks in the First World Hotel Complex which costs approximately RM2/hour and a maximum of RM 18 a day. There are many other car parks available for other hotels in the complex.

Kl Sentral Bus Terminals

KL Sentral Bus Terminal

The Awana bus service operates from KLIA and many locations in the city including KL Sentral. The one way ticket price is RM 10. The last bus to depart from Awana to KL City is at 2200hrs.

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What are some of the most popular places to stay in Genting Highlands?

The renowned Genting Grand Hotel, which offers roomy suites and rooms with contemporary amenities and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, is a popular choice for families. The First World Hotel, which provides cozy accommodations and convenient access to the resort’s attractions, is a fantastic choice for those on a bigger budget. The First World Hotel has earned its name in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most number of rooms in the world. The hotel has over 7600 rooms that can be booked through auto-check-in counters in the lobby area.

First World Hotel in Gentingh Highlands

First World Hotel Genting Highlands Malaysia

Ion Deleman offers the best deals on the search engine and is highly recommended for short stays or quick last-minute bookings.

The Awana Hotel, with its chalet-style rooms tucked away amid lush greenery, offers a tranquil haven for families seeking a more private and secluded stay. Families can also enjoy a variety of recreational activities at the hotel, such as horseback riding, golf, and nature walks.

In March 2024 I stayed at Scapes Hotel and Resorts in Ghotong Jaya and enjoyed the amazing service and location of the family-friendly accommodation. The hotel offers amazing discounted deals online on Agoda. With a 14-day booking, you can save for 40% of the walk-in rates.

What are some of the best family-friendly activities in Genting Highlands Malaysia?

Genting Highlands offers round-the-year activities for all seasons and all age groups. The indoor and outdoor theme parks are major attractions for kids. Skyropolis is an indoor theme park with several thrill rides for all age groups. The tickets can be purchased online to save time and beat the queues at the theme park. Weekend and peak holiday season attracts large crowds and booking is a must. Here is the price list for various rides and a day pass for this park.

skytropolis indoor theme park at Genting - kids attractioinsSkytropolis Indoor Theme Park in Genting

Skyworlds Outdoor Park offers new and more adventure options for visitors. A day pass of RM90 offers unlimited rides throughout the day. The resort complex has over 100 restaurants offering a wide range of Asian and continental cuisine. McDonalds and KFC are located in Genting Grand Complex which is a 15-minute walk from the First World Complex.

skytropolis outdoor theme park at Genting HighlandsSkyworlds Outdoor Theme Park at Genting Highlands

A winter wonderland experience with its ice slides, igloos, and snow and ice sculptures, SnowWorld is a must-see attraction for families with small children. With a range of indoor rides and attractions suitable for all ages, the Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park is an excellent choice for families as well. Genting Highlands guarantees that families will have a memorable and pleasurable time during their visit with its extensive array of theme parks and attractions. Families can enjoy a range of outdoor activities at Genting Highlands, as well as its theme parks and attractions.

kids attractions in genting highlands

Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park

The resort provides rock climbing, abseiling, and zip-lining as options for families seeking more daring activities. These thrilling experiences are sure to make anyone’s heart race. Eagle Landing zipline adventure can be booked online and costs RM45 per person.

For families seeking an enjoyable and unforgettable experience, Genting Highlands provides a wide range of entertainment options and shows. The Arena of Stars, a top-notch entertainment venue with a variety of live performances, concerts, & shows featuring both local & international artists, is located within the resort. At this legendary location, families can take in musicals, magic shows, acrobatic performances, and more.

With its cutting-edge audiovisual performances, the SkySymphony at SkyAvenue provides a distinctive fusion of art, technology, and storytelling for families seeking a more immersive entertainment experience. The resort also has a 4D movie theatre with motion seats and amazing special effects for exciting movie experiences. Genting Highlands makes sure that families have lots of opportunities to be amazed & entertained during their visit with its extensive selection of shows and entertainment options.

For outdoor lovers, The Bee Farm and Genting Strawberry and Lavender Gardens provided added attraction and a unique opportunity to enjoy strawberry picking and tasting local delights including honey and local teas.

Awana Skyway Cable Car ride is not missed when visiting Genting Highlands. The 2km long ride provides breathtaking views of Berjaya Hills. You can book a cable car or a Gondola depending on your group size. Booking through KLOOK is highly recommended. 

A brief stopover at Chin Swee Temple is a recommended experience, as the amazing temple commands amazing views of the rolling hills and cable car.

What are the dining options in Genting Highlands?

Families with various tastes and preferences can find something to eat at Genting Highlands thanks to its wide array of dining options. This hill resort offers a variety of dining options, from casual cafés to elegant dining establishments, to suit every taste. With so many different cuisines to choose from—including Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Western, & more—families are sure to find something they enjoy.

Genting Highlands Kids Attractions

Kids Attractions at Genting Highlands Malaysia

Malaysian Food Street offers food-court-style dining options with many stalls offering local delicacies from all parts of Malaysia.

Families seeking an informal dining experience can enjoy a variety of international cuisines in a lively & vibrant setting at SkyAvenue’s Food Factory. Another fantastic option for families is the High Line Rooftop Market, which has a variety of food vendors serving delectable street food from all over the world. The resort also has many kid-friendly eateries with separate menus for young diners and family-friendly meals.

What are some useful tips for planning a trip to Genting Highlands?

The following advice will help your visit to Genting Highlands with your family become even more special:

1. Make an itinerary: Spend some time learning about the Genting Highlands attractions and activities, then adjust your schedule accordingly. By doing this, you can maximize your time at the resort and make sure you don’t pass up any of the must-see sights. The complex is very spread out and moving from one part to another can be time-consuming and tiring. Therefore, planning a trip can save time and effort.

2. Dress appropriately: Bring warm clothing for your visit to Genting Highlands, as the weather there can be cool and refreshing. This is crucial if you intend to engage in outdoor activities or spend a lot of time in air-conditioned spaces. Make

3. Make reservations in advance: Genting Highlands’ lodgings tend to fill up quickly during the busiest times of the year due to its reputation as a family-friendly destination. To guarantee the greatest choices for your family, make sure to reserve your lodging in advance. The prices fluctuate over the week based on the high demand and weather etc.

4. Benefit from family-friendly amenities: Genting Highlands has a lot of hotels and attractions with amenities for families, including playgrounds, kids’ clubs, & babysitters. Make use of these facilities to make sure the whole family enjoys.

5. Drink plenty of water because dehydration can strike Genting Highlands more quickly than it can at lower altitudes. Throughout your visit, make sure to stay hydrated and energized by drinking lots of water.

Make sure your family has a memorable and pleasurable time at Genting Highlands, a well-known hill resort in Malaysia, by heeding these suggestions and making the most of the family-friendly activities offered there.


What is the best time to visit the genting highlands?

Genting is popular all throughout the year because of its higher altitude and cooler climate. You can visit Genting any time of the year to enjoy outdoor and indoor activities. Some family-friendly activities at Genting Highlands include visiting the indoor and outdoor theme parks, exploring the Skytropolis Funland, enjoying the SnowWorld, and taking a ride on the Genting Skyway cable car.

Are there any educational activities for families at Genting Highlands?

Yes, families can visit the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium and the Jurassic Research Center for educational and interactive experiences.

What are some outdoor activities for families at Genting Highlands?

Families can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, nature walks, and picnics in the surrounding hills and forests of Genting Highlands. Strawberry and Lavender Park, Bee Farm and horse studs offer riding options to outdoor lovers.

Are there any age restrictions for the family-friendly activities at Genting Highlands?

Most of the family-friendly activities at Genting Highlands are suitable for all ages, but some rides and attractions may have height or age restrictions for safety reasons.

What are some dining options for families at Genting Highlands?

There are plenty of dining options available at Genting Highlands, including family-friendly restaurants, cafes, and food courts offering a wide range of cuisines to cater to different tastes and preferences. Gohtong Jaya near Genting Highlands offers plenty of cheaper dining options including local Malay dishes and Chinese food.

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