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Cameron Highlands Pahang

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Cameron Highlands is one of the premier destinations located approximately 200 km from Kuala Lumpur city. Listed as one of the oldest tourist destinations, Cameron Highlands has a large number of hotels and resorts catering to all sorts of travellers. The location is not ideal for a day trip from KL because of the distance. However, if you are staying at Ipoh, Cameron Highlands can be explored on a day trip. 

The winding road from Ipoh to Cameron Highlands rolls through Lata Sekandar waterfalls. You will spot a number of roadside stalls and vendors selling local fruit and durian.

The drive is quite enjoyable as there is a continuous ascent and winding roads leading up to hilly terrain with tea plantations. 

Bharat Tea plantation is one of the biggest tea plantations in Tanah Rata. Day tours are available through the plantation on a daily basis and can be booked through local tour operators in Cameron Highlands. 

Strawberry farms, walking trails, and rose and lavender gardens are spread across the valley and can be explored at leisure. Cameron Highland is home to giant-sized butterflies and beetles. These large-size beetles are preserved as souvenirs in glass and frames. 

For adventure and nature lovers, there are a number of waterfalls including Thompson Falls, Parit Waterfall, and Robinson Waterfall which are located very close to Tanah Rata. 

How to travel to Cameron Highlands

By Bus
Terminal Bersepadu Selatan
 (TBS) is the major bus stop where you can board buses to all major cities in Malaysia. 

The bus ticket to Cameron Highland is 35RM. The road is long and winding once you exit from the freeway near IPOH, there a day stop is suggested at these destinations. Travel time to Cameron Highlands is 3.5 hours. 

By Car
Alternatively, if you want to save time, the best way to visit Genting is to rent a taxi which costs around 600RM for a day trip to the highlands. 

Activities in cameron highlands

Visit local Farms

At an altitude of approximately 1800m, the mountainous region is home to a number of unique insects and wildlife. Explore local butterfly farms and get close and personal with massive insects and unique varieties of butterflies including Rajah Brookes and beetles of unique varieties including Cheirotonus Arnaudi, and Odontolabis femoralis amongst others. 

Tea Plantations

A major attraction in Cameron Highlands is tea plantations. Some of the tea plantations organize day tours which also include tea tasting in tea rooms on the plantations. 

Trekking and Outdoor

Local outdoor activities and trekking groups based in Tanah Rata organize day trips to explore the flora and fauna of tropical jungles surrounding the Cameron Highlands. 

Strawberry Farms & Lavender Farms

The Genting Highlands area is popular for strawberry farms and lavender farms. As a part of the day tour from the city, you will get a chance to explore these amazing plantations and taste some local produce from the region. 

Trip Notes: Driving from KL to Cameroon Highlands

Trip Notes to Kuala Lumpur to Cameroon Highlands

Driving from KL to Tanah Rata

I decided to travel to Cameroon Highlands and Ipoh in mid-2018. I booked a car from KL International Airport and stayed for a day in KLCC. 

The freeway out of KL is E1- North-South Expressway is one of the main roads for heading towards Ipoh and Georgetown. The drive on the freeway is amazing with well-managed stopovers almost every 40km on the road. 

I followed highway 59 towards Tana Ratta a major city in Cameroon Highlands. The road narrows down and takes a winding and steep path up to the waterfalls at Lata Iskandar. Keep driving towards Ringlet where you will find some development and a service station. There are not many fuel outlets in the area therefore, it is advised to fill up on the freeway between KL and the exit at highway 59. 

Tanah Rata is a small hilly town. As you approach the development you will start observing tea plantations and thick vegetation on both sides of the road. Tanah Rata has a major bus stop with a couple of budget accommodations and restaurants. 

I bought some tea from a factory outlet of Bharata Tea Company. Walking around the town I explore a couple of tour operators offering a number of day tours to the local attractions. Most tours cost less than 30US$.

A drive up the road from Tanah Rata leads to plenty of local fruit farms and their shops selling local produce. I bought some nice souvenirs, honey, and some fruit for my trip back to Ipoh. 

Interesting information about Cameroon Highlands

Located at a high altitude, Cameroon  Highlands has much cooler temperatures and was quite popular with British Tourists in the Colonial Era. 

Most of the resorts have interesting European Architecture and you will be surprised to observe large resorts with hundreds of rooms. The area becomes popular in summer when people swarm to the highlands during the school holiday season. It is best to book at least a two-night stay to enjoy the best of Cameroon Highlands. 

Where to stay in cameron highlands malaysia

hotels in cameron highlands

Copthorne Hotel in Cameron Highlands

Copthorne one of the most popular hotels with amazing views of Tanah Rata and Cameron Highlands.

Avillion Hotel Cameron Highlands

Avillion Hotel in Cameron Highlands

Avillion Cameron Highlands is situated in Tanah Rata. Tanah Rata is one of the popular townships with a number of quality cafes and restaurant. The area serves as the main public transport hub for the highlands. The hotel offers 100 uniquely designed service suites ranging from spacious studios to 2 bedroom suites.

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