Visit Taman Negara in Malaysia

Taman Negara is the tropical rainforest in North of Malaysia offering amazing adventures for trekkers, hikers and lovers of natures. Claiming to be the oldest rainforest on earth Taman Negara offers unique jungle adventure and is home to unique flora and fauna. 

The easiest way to get to drive up to Kuala Tahan, 250 North West of Kuala Lumpur. For beginners there is a canopy walkway and boardwalk is a great way to explore some parts of the national park. For more adventurous, a seven-day hike to Gunung Tahan can offer a bit of the challenge. Best way to explore the trek is to organize a tour with local operators who are familiar with the local landscapes and provide very useful tips and information on the region. 

The park is home to a wide range of wildlife ranging from elephants, tapir, wild oxen and number of small creatures unique to this region. 

Alternative access to Taman Negara is from the town of Jerantut or directly catching a bus from Cameroon Highlands or Palau Perhentian Jetty of Kuala Besut towards the east. 

Planning a trip to Taman Negara

Peak tourist season is from May to August. Make sure to make advance bookings for the tour. Mid-November to Mid-Jan being the rainiest season is not advised for travelling to this region. 

Make sure you are carrying your camping and trekking gear. Some gear can also be bought from Jerantut. Some of the trips would require an overnight stay. It is a legal requirement to hire a guide for such excursion. Here is a general cost breakdown

Park Entry FeeRM 1/ person 
Camping PermitRM 1 /person
Camera licenceRM 5 / Camera
Guide HireRM 180/ PERSON – 100 for an overnight stay. 

A wooden longboat can be used in the park for transport which carries four to ten people. A small wooden boat can also be rented to cross the river from Kuala Tahan to National Park Head Quarters. 

How to reach Kuala Tahan

Kuala Tahan can be reached by bus ( 1 hour 40 min) from Jerantut or by boat ( 2.5 hours). By train, Jerantut can be reached from KL by train or overnight train from Singapore. 

Kuala Tahan

 Kuala Tahan offers plenty of accommodation in all price ranges. With a string of guesthouses, floating restaurants and transport across the river, this location is the starting point of your adventure to the National Park. Make sure you are carrying cash as there are no ATMs and little mobile coverage. 

Other places of interest in this region


One of the major attractions in the region is a conservation effort by Malaysia government to provide sanctuary for elephants. 

The best time to enjoy this location is to visit around midday and spend a couple of hours with the elephants. This involves elephants feeding, bathing with the elephants. Make sure to book your spot in advance for RM 30. Mid-week is the best time to visit as the place can get crowded over the weekend. 

A day trip can also be organised from Kuala Lumpur through your local operator. 

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