Visit Ipoh City in Malaysia

The Ipoh city once used to be a village and remained famous for its industry of tin till the 1970s. The history of this city is greatly influenced by the British Empire which officially formed its colony here in 1867. Today’s tourism here is largely due to the captivating ancient British architectures. The fascinating street art, delicious Chinese restaurants, awe-inspiring cave temples and art, a castle made by Kellie, and exciting hiking trails to the highlands have gained a lot of popularity among international tourists. However, tourism reached at its peak when Lost World of Tambum opened in 2004.

When is the best time to visit Ipoh?

It is actually hard to discuss the best time because tourists keep visiting Ipoh throughout the year. Though the climate here is tropical and also receives heavy rains still this does not affect the tourists’ activities.

During all 12 months, the maximum temperature here is 34°C while 20°C is minimum. So, temperature conditions are in great favour of tourists. Everybody knows that the weather greatly affects moods and so in Ipoh, you can roam about the city in the morning as it is less crowded at that time and the weather is fine.

January and February are the months when tourists can be seen in great population here. This is the time when the city organizes its traditional festivals and tourists from all over the world come to enjoy these festivals. Tourists also visit Ipoh from March to the first week of October. This is the time when Ipoh can be seen in full swing.

Nightlife, shopping centres, festivals, eateries and bars are full of international visitors. Along with these, tourists also enjoy stunning sceneries, landscapes, waterfalls, water sports and colourful nature.

How to reach Ipoh and Where to stay?

By Train

There are direct flights, trains and buses to reach Ipoh from Kuala Lumpur. Trains get booked in no time because these are majorly used by tourists during the peak season of tourism and on weekends. So visitors must book their seats online before time. The train will take maximum of 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach Ipoh. The train is the best option for those who are not keen drivers and do want themselves glued to traffic. There are 3 types of trains which run between these two cities. These trains charge maximum A$15.29 for adults and A$5.65 for children.

By Bus

Going by bus will only require at least 2 hours to reach Ipoh. Tourists can take a bus from Pudu Sentral Bus Terminal, where buses leave after every 30 minutes. Flights also take passengers between these two cities but this mode of travelling is not very much famous among tourists. Those who will go by car would be able to enjoy more. When you go like this, you can stop anywhere you want. Tourists commonly stop at Bidor. Here Pun Chun restaurant serves mouthwatering Duck Noodles and baked pastries.

Where to stay in Ipoh?

As Ipoh is becoming a great tourist attraction, the number of hotels in it are also increasing day by day which also provide many lavish facilities. The city is home to numerous 5 and 4 star, as well as cheaper hotels.

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat (A$517.97) is famous for its natural hot springs, hot water swimming pools and steam caves. The Heaven Resort Hotel (A$166.19) is another famous 5-star hotel with air-conditioned rooms, a giant swimming pool and bar. If you want to enjoy the lush green scenery around you then Meru Suites by Meru Valley resort (A$121.88) is the best option.

Impiana Hotel (A$58.177) is a 4-star hotel which gives you spectacular views of limestone hills and gardens around it. Kinta Riverfront Hotel and Suits (A$73.40) is most suitable for fitness freaks because it provides a gym. Some cheaper hotels like Austin Guesthouse (A$33.24) are also available with all basic facilities.

Here are some suggested hotels by our team:

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Staying at Kinta Riverfront in Ipoh

These pictures are taken by our team during the stay at Kinta Riverfront in Ipoh

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5 Most Visited Destinations in Ipoh?

-Tourism uplifter in Ipoh, Lost World of Tambun is not only famous for its stunning green views but exotic spas, water parks, petting zoo, tiger valley, amusement park and tin mining are also becoming very popular among international friends and families.


-Gua Tempurung is a very huge limestone cave in Ipoh. Tourists can enjoy many water and non-water activities here. In fact, water rafting is the best way to explore this cave. Sites of amazing rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites also amuse visitors very much.


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-Ipoh had remained a gateway to the tin industry. For those who want to learn about the history of Ipoh village then Han Chin Pet Soo Museum will give them complete insight into tin mining. Lives of Chinese miners, the tin industry, and four evils have been fully depicted in this museum.


-Enlightened Heart Buddhist Temple is a 13 story temple standing on 12 acres of land. This temple displays a great fusion of art, paintings, decorations and 200 Buddha statues. The top of this temple will give you stunning green sites and exotic views of limestone hills around it.

-If you want to escape from the dullness of life and breathe in the fresh air then Japanese Garden in Ipoh is remarkably refreshing. Here tourists will explore the Japanese style of lakes, ponds, flowers, trees and fishes. This is the most favourite place of international couples for photo-shoots.

What to do in Ipoh?

-Street Art in Ipoh’s roads and old towns is the best way to make your walks memorable. These art paintings are famous among international photographers. The 3D paintings are basically the reflection of old cultures and traditions in Ipoh.

-Apart from the traditional visits, if you want to enjoy the true colours of nature and some outdoor activities then Qing Xin Lin Leisure and Cultural Village is worth visiting. Here you can enjoy trishaw riding, cycling, fish feeding and swings on the lakeside.

-Dinner at Kinta Riverfront is a famous dinner spot among international families. Along with the traditional and tasty foods, visitors also enjoy the beautiful scenery created by the LED lamps beside the river. The reflection of lights in the river makes it an astonishing site for tourists.

-As Ipoh once was a British Colony so one can find many wonders of British architectures. Ipoh Railway Station, Birch Memorial Clock Tower, Ipoh Town Hall and Post office, Royal Ipoh club and many other eye-catching buildings are attracting history lovers from all over the world.

-One cannot miss the Ipoh Noodles on visiting Ipoh. Noodles are made of rice, which floats over soup or stock. The soup has a bit thick consistency and is flavoured with seafood particularly prawns. This whole thing is further served with the topping of pork or meatballs.

Ipoh’s popularity among tourists grew slowly and gradually as more and more brilliant sites were discovered. Today it is one of the top tourist spots of the world. The city’s ancient history, unique cuisine, colourful paintings and artwork, bewitchingly beautiful natural beauty, zoos and theme parks make it a unique travel spot. It is definitely the best holiday destination for international visitors, history enthusiasts, photographers and families as well as it offers diverse recreations. 

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