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  • Phi Phi Island Tours in Phuket

  • Day Tours in Phuket from Pakistan

    Phuket Day Tours

    Day Tours in Phuket are quite a popular tourist activity for most visitors to this amazing part of Thailand. A large number of companies offers day tours in Phuket that can be bought from local tour vendors in Patong Beach Area in Phuket. The tours sold through helpdesk at the hotels normally have a high markup and you can end up paying over 20-30% of the normal rates. The best option is to

  • Visiting Chiang Mai in Thailand

    Chiang Mai Thailand

    Founded in 1926, the ancient city of Chiang Mai is situated in the Northern mountainous region of Thailand.  The city is home to about 30 of the world’s most fascinating, historic temples, beautifully enchanting landscapes and wonderful cuisine. Chiang Mai is surrounded by a square walled moat.

  • Visiting Koh Sumai in Thailand

    koh sumai thailand

    Great reasons to travel to Koh Samui Thailand?

    Thailand’s second-largest island, Koh Samui is full of coral reefs, sandy beaches, coconut trees and generous tourist resources. Previously there were no roads on this island and hence it had very little contact with Thailand. In

  • Visiting Pattaya Thailand from Pakistan

    pattaya thailand

    Planning a fun-packed solo trip to some of the most popular locations in Thailand. Pattaya should be on the top of your list if you enjoy the nightlife, adult entertainment, clubbing and some exotic experiences in one of the most visited locations in Thailand. Pattaya is easily accessible from Thailand airport and Thailand city by taxi or bus. 

  • Visiting Phuket in Thailand

    Visit Phuket in Thailand
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