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  • Abbottabad

    Explore Abbottabad in Pakistan
  • 5 Best places to visit in Galiyat Area

    Nathiagali Galiyat Galyat

    Galiyat areas cover 80 km long mountainous regions between Abbottabad and Murree. Because of its easy access, great road network and beautiful locations, Galiyat is the centre of attraction for many tourists from all around the country. This region is relatively very easy to access a couple of hours drive from the main freeway network approaching either Peshawar or Islamabad. 

  • A day trip to Nathiagali - Galiyat from Abbottabad

    visiting galiyat from abbottabad

    Nathiagali is a popular destination from Abbottabad because of its proximity and excellent road conditions. The driving distance is about 25 km that can be covered in one hour. Late February summons the beginning of spring in Pakistan. The snow starts melting on the mountain tops and days become warmer.  The nights, however, can get very chilly with temperatures dropping below zero degrees.

  • Exploring Nathiagali and Surrounding Areas

    Travel to Nathiagali Pakistan

    Nathiagali is located at approximately 8000 feet above sea level and is one of the most popular summer resorts towns in the Galiyat Area of Pakistan. Developed during the British colonial era Nathiagali still carries the aura of the colonial past with buildings dating back to the last century. Urban development in the area is restricted which has helped retain the

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