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Travelling Solo in Pakistan

Go Solo vs. Tours

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While travelling solo offers plenty of flexibility and options to explore various areas of the country, travelling with a family or a larger group can become a logistical nightmare. If you have not done your research well and organized your travel plans in advance then cancellation and changes to plans can have additional overheads and can ruin your travel experience.

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Visit to Skardu ,Upper Kachura Lake and Basho Valley

In late April 2019, I decided to explore the Skardu area with a few friends. The weather is still cold in the North as the month of March marks the beginning of spring. The snow on the mountain tops thaw and feed little brooks and rivulets which join the major rivers in the region. Early spring is a great time to explore this region, as the tourist season has not started and you find only commercial traffic on the roads. Most roadside hotels offer off-season rates and you get great services at the cafes and restaurants. 

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