Revisiting Genting Highlands in August 2019

Genting Highlands in Malaysia is one of my all-time favourite destinations that is continuously evolving with new attractions and things to do. A day or weekend at the highlands is always a pleasant escape from the humidity and heat in Kuala Lumpur City. A 40-minute drive to the highlands gives you a chance to explore Bukit Tinggi, Tropicale Colmar, Japanese Garden in Berjaya Hills and Strawberry Farms at Ghotong Jaya. Not to mention plenty of shopping and at the new Skytrex Chairlift Outlet Stores and recently renovated shopping area in the Awana Casinos.

A day trip from Kuala Lumpur to Genting Highlands and Tropicale Colmar

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1. Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park

The great shopping experience at the renovated shopping area connecting Awana and First World Casinos. A multi-storey mall adjacent to the Indoor Kids play area offers an amazing extravaganza of lights and colours. The Indoor Theme Park is all renovated and Old Venetian Gondolas are replaced by “Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park” offering crazy adventure and thrill rides for young adults and beautiful rides for kiddies.

You can buy a day pass for RM 90 and enjoy unlimited rides throughout the day. There is plenty of thrill-seeking rides, zipline adventures, rollercoasters and plenty of challenging rides for big boys and girls. For kids, there are merry go round and other entertaining rides that will fill your entire day with activities. 

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I suggest visiting Skytropolis indoor theme park during midday as weekend crowds mean long queues and longer waiting time. Staying in First World Hotel is a great option as you can relax, enjoy great lunch and dinner and the kids will have enough time to enjoy all rides of their choice. 

A laser and light show attracts plenty of visitors which offers an amazing visual experience from various levels of the shopping complex. Overall experience is very enjoyable for people of all age groups. 

I highly recommend visiting Genting Highlands if you are planning a week holiday to Kuala Lumpur from Pakistan. 

Rides Cost: 10 RM flat rate for all rides ( Monday to Friday)
Unlimited Rides: 90 RM. 
Rides Types: Kids Rides. Family Rides, Thrill Rides

Here are some photos of my Eid Trip in August 2019. 

2. Japanese Garden on Berjaya Hills near Genting Highlands

Japanese Gardens offers an amazing retreat on top of the hill located close to French-Styled Village of Bukit Tinggi and Tropicale Colmar. I stayed at the Chateau which is a high-end resort offering great comfort and very enjoyable stay right next to Tropicale Colmar.

Tropical Colmar is located a little bit further up from the Genting Sempah ( located on E8) stop where you will turn to climb towards Genting Highlands. Genting Sempah is a reasonable stopover with Mcdonalds, cafes and Petronas Service Station. If you start early from Kuala Lumpur, this is a good stopover for Macdonald breakfast.  

For Tropical Colmar, keep on driving towards Kuantan on E8 and turn left following signs for the resort after passing Sungai Tanglir.

The entry for the park is RM 15 for adults and RM 10 for children. This fee covers entry to Tropicale Colmar and Japanese Garden.  

The Japanese Garden offers some breath-taking landscapes, beautiful streams with goldfish and walking trails through the Garden. If you are planning to relax and rejuvenate book a spa session at Tatami Spa. This location is ideal for a weekend break if you want to enjoy rolling hills, jungle trekking and hiking. 

You can enjoy a relaxing day at the spa overlooking pine and bamboo tree and rolling Berjaya Hills. The whole visual experience of this location is very relaxing. 

3. Strawberry and Lavender Leisure Farms at Genting Highlands

Travelling with kids? This place is a must-visit with plenty of interesting activities including picking fresh strawberries, walking through a colourful array of lavender and flower gardens and buying some local produce including honey, lavender tea and lavender based products. 

Picking strawberries is an interesting activity, as you are given a basket and a pair of scissors. You can collect as many ripe strawberries as you want and the price is charged at the exit of the strawberry garden. 

Entry fee for an adult: 15 RM
Entry fee fo Child: 10 RM
Strawberry Picking Fee: 8 RM / 100 GRAMS

The park is located within a walking distance from the Ghotong Jaya roundabout. There are a couple of budget hotels and cheap eat-outs located around this place. I normally stop here for tea Tarek or light snacks before heading out to Genting Highlands. 

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“All you can Eat” Lunch Buffet at Awana Resort

On the weekend, all you can eat buffet ( costing RM 80) is quite popular with families. The Petaling Street Food Court is turned in a buffet zone with over 20+ stalls offering food from all parts of Malaysia. If you want to try local delights including curries, stir-fried food, noodles dishes, deep-fried chicken with rice, hor fun and lots more. 

If continental food is your choice, there are plenty of outlooks on the top floor as well as ground-level food courts in the Awana Resort Shopping area. The choice of shopping and food is endless, so be prepared for plenty of walking along with the busy floors of the massive shopping Malls. 

A walkway connect Awana Resorts with Maxims Casino, Genting Highlands Resort and the First World Hotel.


If you plan to travel at First World, look for mid-week sales on Agoda. You can get a deluxe room for under 20 USD, which normally goes for over USD 100 on the weekends and busy season



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