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Popular Boat Tours and Cruises in Langkawi

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Langkawi offers a wide range of option for exploring scenery and landscapes of beautiful and unique surroundings of Langkawi. If you are travelling on a budget, the local day tours offer great opportunity to explore the most popular locations. However, if you want to spend more time on the tours and visit locations off the beaten path, a private charter is a way to go. Here is a list of interesting tours you can book during your stay in Langkawi. 

Kilim GeoPark

This is definitely the most popular tourist location located in the North-East of Langkawi. The state offers interesting and unique landscapes ranging from karst formation, mangroves, lakes and caves. 

You can join a group tour with pricing around 150RM+ or charter your own boat for around 300RM to explore this area at your own pace. 

You can book these tours at your hotel reception desk or visit one of many agents on Cenang Beach Area. The cost of the tour depends on the duration and kind of boat hired. 

Most tours include fish feeding, eagle watching, visit to bat caves and exploring limestone formation in the caves.

To get the most out of the tour book your tour with certified nature guide, who can provide invaluable information about various location, flora and fauna of the GeoPark. 

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Yatch Cruises

The yacht cruises are a unique experience to make your Langkawi experience more enjoyable by taking 4 hours tour in the ocean, enjoying the sunset. 

Most cruises are on shared basis cost from 250-400RM including meals, bbq and drinks. Morning cruises are relatively cheaper, however, sunset cruises offer amazing views of setting sun against the ocean. 

A full day private yacht can be booked for around 3000RM. 

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Palau Payar Excursion

Explore this location for snorkelling, scuba diving or simply swimming in the clear waters with plenty of beautiful coral and fish swimming around you. 

The tour boat takes you to a platform some 100m offshore and you can bask in the sun or enjoy snorkelling. There are do different tours to this location. The first tour costing around 180RM takes you to the beach and the second tour costs around 250RM where you enjoy snorkelling around coral reefs.

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Island Hopping Tours

Island Hopping tours are an inexpensive way to explore islands around Langkawi. The tours do not cost much and you can explore Pulau Singah Basa, Palau Bera Basa and Palau Baras Basah. The tour continues on to freshwater lake near Palau Dayang Bunting. 

Palau Dayang has a famous Mermaid Lake, which is a deep freshwater lake. Solar powered paddle boast are available for rental to explore the lake. 

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