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Naran Gilgit-Baltistan Nathiagali Abbottabad Skardu Pakistan

  • Abbottabad

    Explore Abbottabad in Pakistan
  • 5 Best places to visit in Galiyat Area

    Nathiagali Galiyat

    Galiyat areas cover 80 km long mountainous regions between Abbottabad and Murree. Because of its easy access, great road network and beautiful locations, Galiyat is the centre of attraction for many tourists from all around the country. This region is relatively very easy to access to a couple of hours drive from the main freeway network approaching from either Peshawar or Islamabad. 

  • About Naran

    Explore Naran in Pakistan

    Naran and Kaghan are twin cities located at approximately at a distance of 540km from Islamabad. The road to Naran takes passes through some major cities in Northern Pakistan including Abbottabad, Mansehra and Balakot. 

  • Adventure Sports in Pakistan

    Adventure Sports in Pakistan

    Adventure sports have gained significance in Pakistan in the last couple of years with a large number of people travelling overseas and increased access to information on various adventure sports in online space.

  • CedarWood Resort Shogran

    cedarwoods shogran
  • Exploring Abbottabad and Surrounding Areas


    Abbottabad is a great place to travel for a short visit as it offers a pleasant relief from hustle and bustle of big cities. Originally called Wadi Orash for low lying water marshes, it has been a popular tourist resort since colonial times.

  • Exploring Kumrat Valley near Swat

    Kumrat Valley Swat

    How Far is Kumrat Valley from Swat?

    Kumrat is one of the lesser-explored regions of Pakistan with breath-taking landscapes, rapids, waterfalls and pristine beauty. The distance from Swat to Kumrat Valley is only 25 km, which makes it a must-visit if you are planning to visit Swat region in Pakistan. 

  • Exploring Nathiagali and Surrounding Areas

    Travel to Nathiagali Pakistan

    Nathiagali is located at approximately 8000 feet above sea level and is one of the most popular summer resorts towns in Galiyat Area of Pakistan. Developed during the British colonial era Nathiagali still carries the aura of the colonial past with buildings dating back to the last century. Urban development in the area is restricted which has helped retain serenity

  • Exploring Northern Pakistan

    Travelling to northern Pakistan

    North Pakistan is a land of beauty and adventure. This seemingly small region is blessed with all the gifts of nature, including all four seasons, vast mountain ranges, beautiful lakes and rivers, blossoming flowers, rich fruits and unique wildlife. 

  • Fairy Meadows Gilgit Baltistan

    Fairy Meadows Gilgit Baltistan

    The drive to the Fairy Meadows is a treacherous one. As we approached the clearing through the alpine trees, we got our first view of the 8125m high fortress of rock and snow-clad Nanga Parbat (9th highest peaks in the world), the pain of the bumpy ride and trekking through the burning sun vanished in an instant. The fresh mountain air and breath-taking views explain why this stretch of land

  • Gilgit

  • Hiking in Naran Kaghan

    Hiking in Naran Kaghan
  • Hotels in Naran Kaghan

    Hotels in Naran
  • Naran

  • Passu in Gilgit Baltistan

    passu in pakistan

    Passu is a beautiful village located on Karakoram Highway at a distance of 150km north of Gilgit and 50km from Karimabad. This is a popular destination and stopover for travellers to Khunjerab Pass. 

  • Safety Tips for Driving to Naran Kaghan

    Driving in Naran

    Driving your own car is the best way to enjoy the trip to scenic Northern Areas of Pakistan. There are some safety tips that you should keep into mind while embarking upon a trip to Kaghan and Naran. Every year there are a large number of accidents involving tourists in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. In order to avoid any untoward situation on your holidays to Norhern Region, keep in mind

  • Skardu - Heaven on Earth

    Explore Skardu in Pakistan

    Skardu is home to some spectacularly beautiful landscapes, valleys, freshwater springs, lakes, lush green patches and blossoming flowers. Surrounded by the Indus and Shigar rivers, Skardu is undoubtedly one of the serenest places in the world.