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History of Abbottabad

Abbottabad is one of the most popular tourist destinations in northern Pakistan. Serving as a gateway to the northern territory, Abbottabad is ideally located on the Silk Road. Historically Abbottabad has served as the administrative capital of former NWFP. With the presence of Pakistan Military Academy Kakul, Baluch Regiment and Frontier Core, Abbottabad has always been a centre of military activities. Abbottabad has the highest literacy rates in the country with the largest number of schools per capita. Some of the well-known schools are Army Burn Hall, Abbottabad Public School and Pakistan International Public School. 

Abbottabad Travel | Abbottabad City 

Abbottabad: A great stop-over en route Northern Areas

Stopping in Abbottabad while planning a trip to Kaghan and Naran offers a great opportunity to enjoy the laid-back city of Abbottabad. Even walking through the narrow streets of old take takes you back in the era where traders from Central Asia would pass through this city on the way to China.  Abbottabad offers a number of nice hotels. The local cuisine includes lamb Karahi, chicken karahi and chapli kebabs. 

Spend a night in Abbottabad and take time out to plan your trip to the Northern Area. As Abbottabad is the largest valley in the northern area of Pakistan you will find continuous climb all the way to Kaghan and Naran 

Where to stay in Abbottabad

Abbottabad City Area

Abbottabad city is an interesting area to stay in as you are very close to major administrative buildings, bazaars and the central market. If you are keen to explore the old city and walk through the alleyways to have a feel for the history of the city it is best to rent a hotel in the city. Some of the well-known hotels include Hotel Serban and Hotel Zarbat. 

Places to see include Lady Garden, Main Bazaar, Shimla Hill and Bara Market. 

Mandian Chowk Area

Mandian is located at the northern tip of the city and easily accessible from the city by driving down Manshera Road towards Manshera. Mandian Chowk has a number of quality hotels and restaurants. Some of the well-known hotels are De Manchi, Alif Laila Guesthouse and Hotel One. 

How to travel to Abbottabad

Abbottabad lies on Silk Road (Manshera Road) and is connected to major cities of the country. Abbottabad is easily accessible from Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Peshawar using local bus services. Contact local operators like Daewoo for bus timings. Most services operate round the clock, however, the frequency of services is a lot lesser at night time. The nearest airport to Abbottabad is in Islamabad. The last stop for the train is Havelian. The train is not a suggested way to travel as the track is primarily used for freight trains. 

It is advisable to drive in the daytime as some patches of the road are remote and no after hour services are available for a car breakdown or medical emergencies. There is plenty of small and mid-size restaurant available along the road. 

Most buses stop at Haripur which is a major stop between Abbottabad and Islamabad. Haripur is famous for mandarins and local fruit. There is a number of plant nurseries along the main road selling local plants, shrubs and trees.