Langkawi Malaysia – Best Holiday Destination in Malaysia

Visiting Langkawi Island is one of the main reason travellers from all over the world visit Malaysia. It is truly a heaven on earth or as it is better known as The Jewel of Kedah. Langkawi comprises over 99 islands, all full of beauty and fun-filled activities along with breathtaking views for families, honeymooners and solo travellers alike.  The heart of the main island is a combination of beautiful rice fields and jungle-clad hills surrounded by blue water.

Some great reasons to travel to Langkawi

Langkawi is a “Duty-Free Port” which makes it a very popular destination for tourists from southern Thailand as well as other parts of Malaysia. Langkawi has an international airport and you can book a direct flight to Langkawi rather than going to Kuala Lumpur and getting on a domestic flight. 

This is the location you go to if you want to buy duty-free booze, cigarettes, and chocolate. Nonetheless, nature enthusiasts will like the island’s beach, which is surrounded by powder-fine sand and swaying coconut trees.  

Catch a plane or Ferry to Langkawi Island

There are a couple of ways to visit Langkawi Island. Langkawi International Airport hosts flights from all over Malaysia and a few neighbouring countries like Singapore and Thailand. Malaysian Airlines and AirAsia frequently fly to Langkawi and back.

The ferry ride can also be taken from Kuala Perlis and Kuala Kedah in Kuala Lumpur. The price for these ferry rides costs from 18-23 RM. Within the island, taxis can be found easily and for the ease of tourists, cars or bikes can also be rented from as little as 50 RM per day.  You can also catch a ferry from Penang which takes 1.5 hours to get to Langkawi. In the rainy season, the seas can be rough and Ferry is definitely not for the faint-hearted. 

Amazing things to Do in Langkawi Island

The island is well-known for its great diving facilities, but this tropical jewel hides a treasure trove of other intriguing vacation options. Langkawi is an exciting destination that keeps people coming back, from the huge Underwater World Langkawi along Pantai Cenang to the towering Cable Car in Pantai Kok. A 2-3 nights trip to the island is more than enough to explore all the adventures it has to offer.

Visit Langkawi Cable Car - Skytrex

Langkawi Cable Car and Skywalk are major attractions on the Island

Langkawi Cable Car is another major tourist attraction which is a 15-minute ride to the top of Mount Cincang. It is mostly crowded and can take up to 2 hours to wait in peak season. During the ride, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the island and beyond. It costs 35 RM for an adult ticket and 25 RM for children aged 2-12.

Catching Langkawi Cable car to the top of Mount Gunung Raya

Langkawi Sky Bridge is accessible from the final station of the cable car and is also one of the most important attractions for travellers around the world. The 125-meter-long pedestrian bridge is very famous for its beauty as people walk across the bridge and enjoy the cool breezes as it is located 2,300ft above sea level. Telaga Tujuh waterfall and the rainforests are the views that travellers experience. The bridge is only famous for the views it has to offer.

Jungle Adventures and Waterfalls in Langkawi

Once you’ve reached Langkawi, travellers visit the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls which is also known as Seven Wells. This waterfall is named after the seven natural pools present there and explorers can bathe and take water slides. There is also a jungle hiking trail present which takes you to a viewpoint of 2 different mountains for scenic beauty.

Langkawi Island Tours

Kilim Karst Geopark State Forest is one of the unique travel experiences of Langkawi offering a wide range of flora and fauna. Day boat tours operate from various locations in Langkawi and take the visitor to explore this UNESCO heritage park stretching over 100 sq. km consisting of a number of islands with exquisite land formations, caves and mangroves. A tour of Kilim State Forest is a must if you plan to visit Langkawi. 

Kuah Village Area and the Langkawi Eagle 

Langkawi Eagle Square at Dataran Lang greets the visitors after the ferry ride and can also be seen at holiday postcards and photos. The reddish-brown eagle statue was built as an emblem of the island where travellers and tourists stop for pictures. Langkawi Underwater World is another major attraction for tourists located at the Southern end of Pantai Cenang.

Kuah Village has the Ferry Terminal, Booking Terminal, Shopping area and the popular Eagle Statue

The Underwater World hosts more than 200 species of marine and freshwater fish. Families also visit the Langkawi Wildlife Park and Bird Paradise where they house over 2,500 birds from 150 different species such as canaries, ducks, parakeets, owls, eagles, toucans, hornbills, and flamingos. Visitors can roam around, interact, and also attend feeding sessions with the birds at specific times during the tour.

Kilim Geopark is an amazing place to explore for nature lovers

Art enthusiasts can visit Paradise 3D Museum which is the largest 3D museum in Malaysia and the second largest in the world. This three-storey building includes optical illusion, aquatic, safari, fantasy, classic, castles and landscapes zones where enthusiasts can explore the art.

Diving, Snorkelling and Cruises – Day Tours

Langkawi Island is also known for scuba diving activities whether you are experienced or an amateur. Snorkelling can also be enjoyed as families can snorkel or scuba dive around the main island of Pulau Payar. Operators on the island approach tourists if they are interested in such activities. Other sites such as Coral Garden, Sunken Boat Point and Shark Point also offer diving sites for visitors.

Langkawi Island Tours

Boat Tours are popular in Langkawi to explore 100s of islands 

Langkawi experiences heavy rainfall due to the monsoon in the months of September and October but scuba diving is available all year round. Solo travellers interested in scuba diving prefer the dry season from November until April.

Other boat tours include visits to various fish farms on the island, eagle feeding tours and visits to caves in the Kilim Geopark. Many tour operators have their booking stations on the main road on Pantai Cenang. You can book a tour that best suits your interest and activity level. Sunset Cruises and Boat tours are also very popular with honeymooners. 

Nightlife in Langkawi 

Langkawi nightlife consists of hippie bars and classy lounges with an extensive range of alcoholic beverages locally made and imported from the world. Pantai Cenang beach bars are famous on the island for cold drinks after a day of sightseeing in Langkawi. Brightly coloured beanbags, low tables, and loungers are situated directly on the beach, providing excellent views of the Andaman Sea and neighbouring beaches.

You may see energetic live fire performances and live bands performing (mainly) reggae and covers. D’Reef at The Cliff is another open bar in Pantai Cenang offering views to the Andaman Sea. Antero Langkawi nightclub is one of the famous all-night music-filled clubs with local artists performing for the visitors.

Various Accommodation Options in Langkawi

People visiting Langkawi can spend their nights even with a tight budget with cheap resorts and hotels easily available such as Langkawi Dormitorio Hostel, AB Motel, The Cabin Langkawi, and many more in Pantai Cenang. For families or travellers wanting to live in luxury or midrange hotels, Berjaya Langkawi Resort, The Datai Langkawi, Four Seasons Resort, Holiday Villa Resort and Bella Vista Hotel are a few with good ratings and feedback. 

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Different areas to stay in Langkawi

Kuah Village

Kuah Village area is located at 15 minutes driving distance from the airport and has a number of quality resorts and hotels. The main bus and ferry terminals are located in Kuah Village where you can catch a ferry to Thailand, Penang and Kuala Perlis. 

Kuah Village in Langkawi Island

The main eagle statue is located in Kuah Village. The eagle statue is a popular landmark of Langkawi Island which is home to a reddish-brown eagle called Brahminy Kite. The name of the island is derived from these eagles. 

Pantai Cenang

The central and most popular part of Langkawi is famous for watersports, duty-free shopping, beach activities and nightlife. If you like a bit of commotion and activity Pantai Cenang is probably the best place to stay. There are a number of budget and luxury resorts located at the waterfront {fas fa-external-link-square-alt }.

Pantai Cenang Langkawi 

Pantai Kok

This area is close to the Marina and a major activity stop as the Langkawi Cable Car Terminal is located in this area. You can enjoy a number of other outdoor adventure activities in this part of Langkawi. Pantai Kok Beach offers a more relaxed feel with white sands and palm trees facing the Andaman Sea. 

Pantai Kok Langkawi

Things to look out for in Langkawi

Jellyfish stings provide the greatest health danger on Langkawi, particularly between January and June. Every day, uninformed tourists are bitten, and lifeguards on Pantai Cenang and the hospital handle serious cases of jellyfish stings. There are numerous jellyfish species in Langkawi’s seas, and while most may give you a terrible sting or a burn, others will inflict partial paralysis or even death, such as the fatal box jellyfish. If you’ve been stung severely, don’t strain yourself physically since this can circulate the poisons throughout your body, exacerbating the symptoms. The only scientifically confirmed cure for tropical jellyfish stings is vinegar. 


Overall, visiting Langkawi Island is a must experience when travelling to Malaysia. The place is heaven for a relaxing holiday. The beaches, the tropical weather and the adventures are what attracts hundreds of families and solo travellers to visit the paradise of Langkawi Island.  


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