Kuala Lumpur City Malaysia

Attracting over 27 million tourists a year, KL is one of the most visited destinations in South East Asia. KL has become the hub of transport within the country connecting Malaysia with all ASEAN countries with an extended air connection. AirAsia is one of the fastest growing budget airlines providing cheap and quality transport to some of the most exotic places in the region. 

How many days should I stay in Kuala Lumpur?

Depending on your interest you can stay in KL from 3-8 days. KL is a big city and you will need time to explore places of interest. Not only this you can organize day excursion to popular destinations like Genting Highlands, Cameroon Highlands, Ipoh City, Melaka City and Port Dickson. The choice is unlimited. A bit of research into your areas of interest can give plenty of ideas on places to explore and things to do. Some of the places in online space are overrated, therefore, it is the first hand advise or input from an experienced travel blogger or tour operator is a great place to get more useful information on various destinations.

Do I need to rent a car to explore Kuala Lumpur?