Exploring Kumrat Valley near Swat

How Far is Kumrat Valley from Swat?

 Routes | How to Reach

Kumrat is one of the lesser-explored regions of Pakistan with breath-taking landscapes, rapids, waterfalls and pristine beauty. The distance from Swat to Kumrat Valley is only 25 km, which makes it a must-visit if you are planning to visit Swat region in Pakistan. 

Driving from Abbottabad to Kumrat Valley, Swat

I planned a road trip  to Kumrat Valley from Abbottabad in August 2019. The starting point of this trip was the city of Abbottabad. The total driving distance between Abbottabad and Kumrat Valley is 412 km which takes about 11 to 12 hours of drive time depending on the traffic conditions. 

We planned to divide the trip into two parts. The first stop was Batkela which is approximately 7 hours drive from Abbottabad. The second part was jeep trip from Batkela to Kumrat Valley. 

Two alternative routes to drive from Abbottabad to Kumrat

There are two different ways to travel to Kumrat. The first option is to travel north towards Besham taking N35 to N90 leading up to N95 towards Kalam. This road is much more difficult to navigate because of steep road condition. The better option is to drive from Abbottabad towards Peshawar and exit near RashaKai towards Mardan. 

The road condition from Mardan to Batkhela is quite reasonable and takes around 4 hours of travel time. From Batkhela you can drive towards Dir to reach Kumrat Valley. Kumrat is accessible through Kalam by a jeep accessible route.

From Batkhela the road leads to Baroon, Khalil, Toormang, Dogram, Sahibabad and Gandigar. The road leads to the city of Shingral which is famous for Shingral University. Next destination onwards is Thal at a distance of 3 hours from Shingral. Further on the road is only accessible by jeeps. 

Exploring Kumrat Valley near Swat

Hire a Jeep to reach Kumrat Valley

It is best to hire a jeep to Kumrat Valley which takes approximately 45 minutes to reach. The road passes through steep mountains, pine trees and breath-taking landscapes. This region is relatively untouched and has very little development. The wilderness and remoteness of the region take you by surprise. 

What kind of accommodation is available in Kumrat Valley?

The only form of accommodation available during the summer season is tents or camps. There are several beautiful waterfalls and amazing views of the river. 

Kumrat Valley is an ideal location for hiking trips, trekking and fishing. The sun goes down early make it ideal to light a bonfire. The day time is great to relax and unwind while enjoying the scenic surrounding hills with pine trees.