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Perentian Islands

Perhentian Island Malaysia

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Perhentian Islands East Coast Malaysia

Some great reasons to travel to the Perhentian Islands?

Perhentian Islands are located on the western coast of Malaysia. Kuala Besut is the nearest beach to the islands and an integral communication bay between the country and islands. The Pulau Perhentian is mainly divided between Perhentian Kecil (Lesser Perhentian) and Besar (Greater Perhentian) and owns the finest set of beaches in Malaysia. These islands are one of the best spots in the country to have a relaxing time, away from one’s monotonous busy routine.

Perhentian Islands Information

Where to Go?

Palau Perhentian Besar is popular with families while Palau Perhentian Kecil is popular with young hype crowd.

Beaches in Perhentians

Main Beach - Coral Bay - Coral Bay - Long Bay - Perhentian Turtle Sanctuary Beach

How to get there?

Catch a flight from KL to Kota Bharu or Kuala Terengganu. Catch a ferry from Kuala Besut or Merang Jetty

Where to stay?

Shari La Resort ($85) - Barat Beach Resort ($85)

When is the Best Time to visit Perhentian Islands?

Pulau Perhentian, along with the rest of western Malaysian peninsular coast, experience eastern monsoon season coming through November and lasting till January. The climate during this period is not welcoming for tourist. The beaches are wet and the ocean is pretty rough these days and not suitable for outdoor activities.

On the other hand, climate changes drastically from the month of March. Days are shiny and clear. The ocean is calm and smooth in these days and very comfortable for swimming. The beaches are busy with tourist traffic. The islands are very crowded during weekends, public holidays and the months of July and August. This busy schedule lasts until the beginning of October until the monsoon starts.

How to Reach the Perhentian Islands and Where to stay?

Perhentian Islands do not have an airport to travel from. The nearest airport is either in Kota Bharu or Kuala Terengganu in the neighbouring states. Malaysian Air, Air Asia and Firefly are famous airlines travelling regularly between these airports to the capital, Kuala Lumpur. These airports are almost couple of hours taxi ride away from the Kuala Besut station. However, 8-hour long bus rides are another popular mode of transport between Kuala Besut and Kuala Lumpur and will allow you to discover the natural landscapes of the country along the way.

Ferries transport tourists from Kuala Besut station to the islands. The journey usually takes 30 to 45 minutes long on a speed jet. Most importantly, these ferries and speed boats do not operate after 4 PM so it is important to plan a schedule ahead.

When it comes to accommodation, Pulau Perhentian does not have many luxurious choices to choose from. There are some three-star resorts on the islands charging from about A$180 to about A$350. Alunan resort  is the most famous hotel on the island starting from A$185 per night while another option lies with Bubu Villa charging about A$210 per night for a room. Mimpi Perhentian   is another popular hotel charging at about A$85 for a room each night.

Although the island does not have the typical luxurious hotels, the island has some of the finest economical resorts with well-reputed services. The Barat Perhentian Beach Resort  . (A$80 per night) and The Shari-La Resort (A$85 per night) are a popular choice in this region. All of these hotels are famous for their hospitality.

Five Most Visited Destinations

  • Main Beach lies on the western coast of Besar and ends at the south of the island. The beach has splendid landscapes facing the ocean. Moreover, the beach has a wooden bridge extending towards the sea and is worth taking the walkover.
  • Coral Bay lies on the western end of the Perhentian Kecil. The bay is surrounded by dead coral and most importantly, the sunsets. Although the shallow water may not be ideal for swimming, the beach is lively for snorkelling.
  • Long Beach is the party town of the Kecil island. The beach lies on the eastern coast and has some of the best beaches in Pulau Perhentian. The town is full of bars, restaurants and nightlife and much livelier and more developed than other areas of the islands.
  • Perhentian Turtle Sanctuary Beach has one of the finest turtle nesting spots in the world. The island attracts green turtles and hawksbill turtles during their nesting periods and is a fine spot to experience sea turtles living in their natural habitat.
  • One more special spot in the Perhentian Islands is Mosque AR Rehman which is stunningly established over the water. It will give an impactful scene as soon as you land at the island’s major village. 

Interesting things to do on Perhentian Islands

Snorkelling and Swimming
Snorkelling and Swimming
The two main islands including Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil offer a number of amazing locations for swimming snorkelling and deep sea diving. You can get PADI certification from one of the certified dive shops on the Islands. Always go through certified trainers and tour operators for safety and the best experience on some of the best locations on the Island. Snorkels can be rented from one of the local dive shops for 15RM.
Island Hopping Tours
Island Hopping Tours
Pulau Kecil caters to young and hype backpacker crowd who want to enjoy nature while having fun at night. Palau Besar has a more laid back feel with clear sandy beaches and coconut palm trees. Lang Tengah is a smaller island with a handful of resorts. All of these islands plenty of picturesque scenery and snorkelling locations.
Tours can be booked before-hand in Kuala Terengganu or Kohta Bharu, whichever is your port of arrival to the Islands. A number of tours are offered by different operators for deep-sea diving. There is a variety of local deep sea fish that can be fished by sail fishing.
Beach Party
Beach Party
Long Beach has several bars and clubs lined along the beach. These bars attract people from Europe, Asia and the rest of the world and own an iconic nightlife. Beaches and jungles may be an attraction for day-time but the party goes on all night in the Long Beach. "Palm Tree" is a happening place with a good variety of drinks and snacks. Lilly Bar, on the contrary, offers a quieter atmosphere.

Perhentian Islands is a perfect spot for spending time away from the busy routine of life and relaxing through vacations. The islands can be both enjoyable for spending time alone as well as with the company. It definitely provides entertainment for all kinds of people visiting the islands. 


Where to stay in Perhentian Islands

Perhentian Barat Resort

Mimpi Perhentian

Bubu Resort Perhentians

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