Stay at Island Resorts

Pangkor Island is home to luxury resorts and hotels including Pangkor Laut Resort

Enjoy wildlife

Pangkor is home to several species of unique birds including duckbill

Enjoy beautiful beaches

The pristine beaches are ideal for swimming and watersports

Enjoy deep sea fishing

Fishing charters are popular in Pangkor Island

Enjoy outdoor activities

There are several walking treks in the on the Island

Enjoy Watersports

Enjoy snorkelling, banana boats, boat tours and water scooters at the beach

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Pangkor Island is A great location for a family Holiday

Pangkor Island is accessibly by Marian Jetty Terminal in Lumut. The ticket cost is RM 10 for adults and RM 5 for children and the ferry ride takes 10 minutes to reach Pangkor Island Jetty. 

The Marina at Lumut has a secure car park next to the ferry terminal. The ferry terminal is well-managed and has modern premises with toilets, a rest area and a cafe. The first ferry starts at 7:15 am and the last service is at 7:15 pm. There is one ferry each over. The weekend schedule is different with extra service in the middle of the day. 

The Ferry Ride from Marina Island Jetty to Pangkor Island

I recommend starting early if you plan to spend a day on the Island and enjoy local sports. A day rental of the resort is ideal if you want to relax and have access to a private beach. Spending a whole day at the public beach can be a hassle if the weather turns a bit hotter than expected. 


Besides, air-conditioned rooms a the resort is ideal for relaxing and changing after water sports at the beach. 

transfers to pangkor island

Transfers to Pangkor Island

Direct Airport Transfers are a great way to travel to Pangkor Island. The service is available 24 hours from KLIA and KLIA2. Book in advance and save yourself from the hassle of last-minute arrangements. The trip takes 4 hours and vehicles are air-conditioned and driven by professional staff. 

Things to do in Pangkor

1. Watersports at the beach

Even if you are planning to travel to Pangkor Island for a day, there are a number of sports available on the beach for visitors including banana boats, water scooters etc. 

  • Boat rides
  • Banana Boat
  • Kayaks
  • Island Hoppping

2. Explore Beaches on Pangkor Island

There are several beaches located around the beautiful Pangkor Island. 

Teluk Belanga

This beach is located close to Pangkor Island Beach resort and offers some nice sandy locations for beach activities or just relaxing by the water. The resorts offer a wide range of outdoor activities for the entire family. 

Teluk Nipah

Offering some great locations for splash and family fun, this beach is one of the most popular ones with a number of stalls and other facilities nearby. The coral beach is a short walk away and is very popular for snorkelling. Snorkels and life-saving vests can be rented from the stalls at a very low price. 

Teluk Ketapang

This beach offers a different experience from Teluk Nipah as the sandy beach is a popular location for turtle egg hatching. The location is also called Turtle bay and is located 2 km south of Pasir Bogak Beach. 

Pasir Bogak 

Pasir Bogak beach is ideal for swimming, snorkelling, Kayaking and fishing. This is one of the most developed beaches offering several beachfront resorts including Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort and Coral Bay Resort. 

Staying at Pangkor Laut Resort in Pangkor

Pangkor Laut is one of the top-end resorts on the Island offering unique stay experiences for visitors. The presence of this luxury resort on the Island is also one of the reasons for Pangkor being so famous as a holiday destination. 

Pangkor Lot is a great location for a honeymoon or a romantic getaway in Malaysia. The unique services and facilities at the resort make it a unique experience if you are planning a memorable Island holiday in Malaysia. 

Visiting Pangkor Island in 2022

Pangkor Island is fully open to visitors and December is a great time of the year to visit the Island. I recommend spending at least one night on the Island to enjoy the activities at the various resorts. There is plenty to do for the entire family. 

I booked my one-night stay at AVI Pangkor Beach Resort which is ideally located near Teluk Nipan and Pantai Bagok Beaches. Palau Simpan and Moon Beach are also easily accessible from the property.

The deluxe rooms are reasonably priced with very well-managed premises. A number of tour activities can be organized by the staff including jungle trekking and water sports. 

I enjoyed walking the jungle track explores a wide range of local flora and fauna. Pangkor Island is home to a number of unique species of birds. Oriental Pied Hornbills can be spotted in many locations along the walking track and even at the resort in the early hours of the morning. 

Other wonderful species of birds include brahminy kite, pied imperial pigeon, crested serpent eagle and several varieties of woodpeckers. The jungle trek is a great place for bird watching and getting up and close with nature. 


The laid-back lazy beaches on the Island are not very crowded and give a chance to relax and enjoy the serene environment. Most beaches are ideal for swimming but make sure to swim where a surf guard is present. 

Teluk Nipah beach offers a range of watersports and is a popular location for visitors. A number of shops and cafes are located on the road along the beach. If you are looking for a bit of seclusion, Coral Beach is a little walk away and is an ideal location for snorkelling. 


Spending a day at the beach makes you extremely hungry. A number of very nice and clean cafes near the jetty area are great locations for a quick bit. A number of local popular dishes including stir-fried noodles, rice and curries are available as a quick fix before making your way to Lumut. 

I tried to be on the jetty on time to catch the ferry back to Marina Island.

Pangkor is a great location for a family holiday and I plan to visit this Island again with my family. 

Planning to stay in Pangkor?

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