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  • Explore Hunza Region in Northern Pakistan

    Lake Attabad Hunza

    The mountainous valley of Hunza is situated in Pakistan’s northern region of Gilgit-Baltistan. Hunza's touches the northern tip of the country where Pakistan's borders touched with Chinese borders. Hunza can be divided into three parts: lower, central and upper Hunza. Hunza with its breathtaking landscapes and remote and

  • Exploring Northern Pakistan

    Travelling to northern Pakistan

    North Pakistan is a land of beauty and adventure. This seemingly small region is blessed with all the gifts of nature, including all four seasons, vast mountain ranges, beautiful lakes and rivers, blossoming flowers, rich fruits and unique wildlife. 

  • Fairy Meadows Gilgit Baltistan

    Fairy Meadows Gilgit Baltistan

    The drive to the Fairy Meadows is a treacherous one. As we approached the clearing through the alpine trees, we got our first view of the 8125m high fortress of rock and snow-clad Nanga Parbat (9th highest peaks in the world), the pain of the bumpy ride and trekking through the burning sun vanished in an instant. The fresh mountain air and breath-taking views explain why this stretch of land

  • Gilgit - KPK in Pakistan

  • Hotels in Naran Kaghan

    Hotels in Naran
  • Lulusar Lake

    Lulusar Lake


    Lulusar Lake (altitude 11300 feet) is located 50 km from Naran and is accessible by vehicles. The lake is watershed for Kunhar rivers passing through Besal, Jalkhand, Naran and Paras. Lake is located near the main road while driving from Babusar Top to Naran. 

  • Passu in Gilgit Baltistan

    passu in pakistan

    Passu is a beautiful village located on Karakoram Highway at a distance of 150km north of Gilgit and 50km from Karimabad. This is a popular destination and stopover for travellers to Khunjerab Pass. 

  • Tips for Camping & Glamping in Northern Pakistan

    Camping in Northern Pakistan

    Camping and Glamping are becoming a popular way to explore amazing locations in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. With easy access to most places of interest due to improved road conditions and public transport, camping offers adventures and an alternative way of enjoying the beauty of some great scenic locations in Northern Pakistan. In the past, most of the camping-related

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