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Siran & Konish Valley Tours 4 Nights- 5 Days

Siran & Konish Valley Tour Description

Day 1:  Pick up from fixed place in Islamabad and Dep for Mansehra. Enroute sightseeing. O/N stay at hotel in Mansehra.

Day 2:  After B/F A.M:: Dep for Siran valley and tranfer to hotel. P.M:: sightseeing trip to Deoli, Jabbar and Mundee and back to hotel. O/N stay at hotel in Dadar.

Day 3:  After B/F Dep for Konish valley (Chattar plain) and transfer to hotel. P.M:: sightseeing at Sharkool and surrounding area. O/N stay at hotel in Chattar plain.

Day 4:  After B/F full day excursion to Battagram and Besham alongside Indus river. O/N stay at hotel in Chattar plain.

Day 5: After B/F Dep for Islamabad. En-route sightseeing at Khanpur lake. Drop at fixed place in Islamabad.

The package includes:

Transport Service

Islamabad to Kaghan & Kaghan to Islamabad return

Accommodation on Sharing Basis


Guide Provided for the tour

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How to Stay Safe with COVID-19 Health Advisory by KPK Government

  • -Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds 
  • -You should continue to use the surgical mask in all public places until you are advised.
  • -Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when coughing or sneezing.
  • -Regular health checks can identify any early signs of health issues.

About the tour

The tour is designed to explore some of the most scenic locations between Islamabad and Mansehra.
The amazing road trip takes you through the breath-taking landscapes of Mansehra and Siran Valley, passing through Chatarplain and eventually reaching Siran & Konish valley. 


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Some amazing locations in Siran Valley

Siran Valley
Siran Valley
Siran Valley

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