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About Ibextrails

Ibextrails is a meeting point for like-minded travellers, explorers and adventure lovers. Based on actual travel stories we aim to bring information about beautiful locations in Pakistan and the rest of the world.

The name "Ibextrails" is inspired by Ibex, a mountain goat found in Northern Pakistan. The animal's name is synonymous with a rough and hardy terrain of the north offering challenges to the brave and adventurous. For our team, Ibex is the denizen of the last frontier symbolizing strength, adventure and survival. Pakistan is home to Himalayan Ibex and Sindh Ibex. 

Ibextrails is a product of passion. I have created Ibextrails to share my amazing travel adventures with fellow travellers. Most of the pictures, videos and content are derived from my road trips across South-East Asia and Pakistan.

I am inspired by the untouched beauty of Northern Pakistan which offer unique opportunities for adventure sports and exploration.

Ibextrails, helps us share our travel stories with our readers. Our bucket list is getting bigger and bigger.
Shouket Ali
Shouket AliCEOinfo@ibextrails.com
I am a techie, travel enthusiast, avid reader and blogger who has been exploring Australia, South-East Asia and Pakistan for the last 15 years. Most of the content on this website is derived from my own journeys.

Our Timelines

2016 Concept & Creation

Started as a travel blog

July 2016

December 2016

First Launch

Introduced Ibextrails Tours

Currently WIP. Discontinued tours due to travel restriction on International Travel

December 2017

July 2019

Content Creation for South East Asia

Explored Malaysia, Thailand & the Philippines as potential tour destinations from Pakistan. Created useful content for travellers based on my road trips in the region. 

Launched Ibextrails Classifieds Directory

The Ibextrails Classifieds Directory is a travel portal and free Directory Service for travel-related businesses, tour operators, hotels and essential serviced for the travellers across various parts of the country. 

14th August 2021

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