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Camping in Northern Pakistan

Tips for Camping & Glamping in Northern Pakistan

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Camping and Glamping are becoming a popular way to explore amazing locations in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. With easy access to most places of interest due to improved road conditions and public transport, camping offers adventures and an alternative way of enjoying the beauty of some great scenic locations in Northern Pakistan. In the past, most of the camping-related activities were a group organized by adventure clubs and societies. 

The trend for camping and outdoors has picked up in recent years with several solo travellers exploring remote locations of the country on their own. Travelling a small group is always is a good idea as some of the locations are very isolated and not easily accessible the rescue services in case of emergency. 

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Cafes in lahore

Cafes and Casual Dining in Lahore

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Lahore is the culinary capital of Pakistan catering to ever-increasing demands of food lovers for new venues, trendy food menu and a mix of traditional and modern cuisine. A recent trend towards more healthy and vegan choices in food have seen growth in new cafes and eat-outs experimenting with new culinary ideas. I have explored some trending places in town and tried to capture some latest trends in eating out. 

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Manila Philippines

Travelling to Manila in Philippines from Pakistan

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Planning on travelling to the Philippines from Pakistan? The Philippines is one of the most underrated destinations and has not received much coverage in media as compared to other countries in the region. The younger crowds are finding the Philippines as a new frontier to explore with plenty of location with unspoilt beauty.

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Fairy Meadows Gilgit Baltistan

Fairy Meadows Gilgit Baltistan

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The drive to the Fairy Meadows is a treacherous one. As we approached the clearing through the alpine trees, we got our first view of the 8125m high fortress of rock and snow-clad Nanga Parbat (9th highest peaks in the world), the pain of the bumpy ride and trekking through the burning sun vanished in an instant. The fresh mountain air and breath-taking views explain why this stretch of land is called The Fairy Meadows. 

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Nathiagali Galiyat Galyat

5 Best places to visit in Galiyat Area

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Galiyat areas cover 80 km long mountainous regions between Abbottabad and Murree. Because of its easy access, great road network and beautiful locations, Galiyat is the centre of attraction for many tourists from all around the country. This region is relatively very easy to access to a couple of hours drive from the main freeway network approaching from either Peshawar or Islamabad. 

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Visit to Skardu ,Upper Kachura Lake and Basho Valley

In late April 2019, I decided to explore the Skardu area with a few friends. The weather is still cold in the North as the month of March marks the beginning of spring. The snow on the mountain tops thaw and feed little brooks and rivulets which join the major rivers in the region. Early spring is a great time to explore this region, as the tourist season has not started and you find only commercial traffic on the roads. Most roadside hotels offer off-season rates and you get great services at the cafes and restaurants. 

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