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visiting galiyat from abbottabad

A day trip to Nathiagali - Galiyat from Abbottabad

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Nathiagali is a popular destination from Abbottabad because of its proximity and excellent road conditions. The driving distance is about 25 km that can be covered in one hour. Late February summons the beginning of spring in Pakistan. The snow starts melting on the mountain tops and days become warmer.  The nights, however, can get very chilly with temperatures dropping below zero degrees. The road between Abbottabad and Nathiagali is well maintained and snow is removed from the roads on regular basis. 

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Visit Multan

Visiting Multan in Punjab, Pakistan

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Multan is probably the second-best location to visit in Punjab after Lahore. With rich cultural history, amazing foodie adventures and beautiful shrines, Multan is definitely a destination to be explored in late Autumn and winters. I planned a trip to Multan in January 2022. My focus on this trip was to explore the foodie joints in Multan as well as visit some historical locations in the city. For foodies and road trippers, Multan can be an amazing destination for a weekend break. 

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Fort Munro

Driving from Lahore to Fort Munro

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I came across an interesting video of Fort Munro this year and added this amazing destination to my travel list for 2022. With international travel restrictions relaxing towards the end of 2021 I planned a holiday to explore southern Punjab in Pakistan. The weather in most parts of the county in winters (November to February) can be very cold. With cold winds blowing from Quetta (Baluchistan) in December, the mercury drops substantially and most of the hilly locations in Baluchistan and Southern Punjab experiences sub-zero temperatures. 

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Manila Philippines

Travelling to Manila in Philippines from Pakistan

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Planning on travelling to the Philippines from Pakistan? The Philippines is one of the most underrated destinations and has not received much coverage in media as compared to other countries in the region. The younger crowds are finding the Philippines as a new frontier to explore with plenty of location with unspoilt beauty.

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trip to langkawi

Langkawi Malaysia - Best Holiday Destination in Malaysia

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Visiting Langkawi Island is one of the main reason travellers from all over the world visit Malaysia. It is truly a heaven on earth or as it is better known as The Jewel of Kedah. Langkawi comprises over 99 islands, all full of beauty and fun-filled activities along with breathtaking views for families, honeymooners and solo travellers alike.  The heart of the main island is a combination of beautiful rice fields and jungle-clad hills surrounded by blue water.

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Johor Bharu Malaysia

Johor Bharu Malaysia an amazing destination for a family holidays

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Johor Bharu makes an ideal location for a family holiday because of its unique location at a driving distance from Singapore. With easy access to East Coast island, Johor Bharu can be your base to explore plenty of places in the region. Legoland stays one of the major attractions for family travellers which attracts thousands of visitors every year. The south-most point of mainland Malaysia, JB offers over ten theme parks across the city which makes it an ideal place for an extended stay if you are travelling with children. JB is home to over ten theme parks spread across the city. 

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5 Day Itinerary in Malaysia

5 Day Travel Itinerary for Kuala Lumpur from Pakistan

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Planning a trip to Kuala Lumpur with family or by yourself? Kuala Lumpur is one of the most visited destinations in the ASEAN region and a great location for honeymooners, family travellers and backpackers.  Pre-planning your trip can save plenty of time and advance bookings can bring in substantial savings as well. For many visitors, Kuala Lumpur is normally the starting point for exploring most of Malaysia. KL is a hub of budget airline operators like AirAsia and Firefly that provides easy access to most destinations across Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur has gained popularity with international tourist escaping winter cold in Europe as well as Middle-Easterns looking for family holidays. 

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Visit Kuala Terengganu

Things to do in Kuala Terengganu Malaysia

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Kuala Terengganu is located on the east coast of Malaysia and an important cultural and historical part of Malaysia. For the most modern tourist, Kuala Terengganu is a gateway to some of the best Island on the east coast of Malaysia including the Perhentian Islands, Radand Island and Pulau Kapas. Not only this, large lakes and waterfalls mark some unique locations in the region that touches some of the oldest Rainforests in the world (Taman Negara).

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Phuket Day Tours

Day Tours in Phuket from Pakistan

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Day Tours in Phuket are quite a popular tourist activity for most visitors to this amazing part of Thailand. A large number of companies offers day tours in Phuket that can be bought from local tour vendors in Patong Beach Area in Phuket. The tours sold through helpdesk at the hotels normally have a high markup and you can end up paying over 20-30% of the normal rates. The best option is to shop for tours from local vendors who are mostly open for a bargain. If you are travelling with a large group you can get bulk discounts as well. 

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Camping in Northern Pakistan

Tips for Camping & Glamping in Northern Pakistan

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Camping and Glamping are becoming a popular way to explore amazing locations in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. With easy access to most places of interest due to improved road conditions and public transport, camping offers adventures and an alternative way of enjoying the beauty of some great scenic locations in Northern Pakistan. In the past, most of the camping-related activities were a group organized by adventure clubs and societies. 

The trend for camping and outdoors has picked up in recent years with several solo travellers exploring remote locations of the country on their own. Travelling a small group is always is a good idea as some of the locations are very isolated and not easily accessible the rescue services in case of emergency. 

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Cafes in lahore

Cafes and Casual Dining in Lahore

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Lahore is the culinary capital of Pakistan catering to ever-increasing demands of food lovers for new venues, trendy food menu and a mix of traditional and modern cuisine. A recent trend towards more healthy and vegan choices in food have seen growth in new cafes and eat-outs experimenting with new culinary ideas. I have explored some trending places in town and tried to capture some latest trends in eating out. 

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Outdoor adventures in Malaysia

Solo Outdoor Adventures in Malaysia from Pakistan

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Malaysia offers a wide range of outdoor adventures for hikers and trekkers in some of the oldest rainforest and unique mountainous areas in South East Asia.  A number of national parks spread across the mainland Malaysia as well Souther Malaysia offering unique jungle adventures hikers and outdoor lovers. A large number of tour companies offer customized tours and hikes to some of the remote locations across the country.

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Georgetown Penang

Exploring Georgetown Penang in Malaysia from Pakistan

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If you are ready to explore the food, culture and history of Malaysia in one place, Georgetown Penang is the place to visit. This beautiful Island is located at the Nother-Western end of Malaysia and is accessible by road, ferry and aeroplane. The driving distance of Georgetown from Kuala Lumpur is around 300 km and driving time is around 4 to 5 hours depending on the road condition. Penang is one of the top destinations for honeymooners and family travellers from Pakistan. A ferry ride from Penang is a great way to travel to the Island of Langkawi. 

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Nathiagali Galiyat Galyat

5 Best places to visit in Galiyat Area

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Galiyat areas cover 80 km long mountainous regions between Abbottabad and Murree. Because of its easy access, great road network and beautiful locations, Galiyat is the centre of attraction for many tourists from all around the country. This region is relatively very easy to access a couple of hours drive from the main freeway network approaching either Peshawar or Islamabad. 

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Visit Malacca Malaysia

Travelling to Melaka Malaysia from Pakistan

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Melaka is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia for family holidays. If you are travelling from Pakistan to Kuala Lumpur, Melaka can be an ideal location for a day trip or a weekend break. Melaka is a UNESCO heritage declared city with a rich cultural history of Dutch and Portuguese settlers which is evident in a well-preserved building in the historical quarters of the city. Melaka offers a wide range of accommodation at very economical rates as compared to Kuala Lumpur or other places in Malaysia. With fun-packed theme parks for children, resort styled hotels and amazing shopping Malls, Melaka must be on your list for your next trip to Malaysia. 

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Visit to Skardu ,Upper Kachura Lake and Basho Valley

In late April 2019, I decided to explore the Skardu area with a few friends. The weather is still cold in the North as the month of March marks the beginning of spring. The snow on the mountain tops thaw and feed little brooks and rivulets which join the major rivers in the region. Early spring is a great time to explore this region, as the tourist season has not started and you find only commercial traffic on the roads. Most roadside hotels offer off-season rates and you get great services at the cafes and restaurants. 

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