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About IbexTrails

Ibextrails is a meeting point for like-minded travellers, explorers and adventure lovers. Based on actual travel stories we aim to bring information about beautiful locations in Pakistan and the rest of the world.

The name "ibextrails" is inspired by ibex, a mountain goat found in Northern Pakistan. The animal's name is synonymous with a rough and hardy terrain of the north offering challenges to the brave and adventurous. For our team, Ibex is the denizen of the last frontier symbolizing strength, adventure and survival.Pakistan is a home to Himalayan Ibex and Sindh Ibex. 

The idea for Ibextrails was conceived during a number of trips taken together by our team members in last 15 years of association. We are inspired by the untouched beauty of Northern Pakistan which offer unique opportunities for adventure sports and exploration.

Ibextrails, helps us share our travel stories with our readers. Our bucket list is getting bigger and bigger.

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Meet The Team

Shaukat Ali
Shaukat Ali shaukat@ibextrails.com
Continuously on the road, Shaukat is currently exploring South-East Asia and Australia. Shaukat seeks new experiences, like the novelty value of unknown destinations and likes to explore food and colours of the different cultures. A techie by profession, Shaukat like exploring new technologies, develop interesting applications and use these platforms to deliver his stories. Shaukat has travelled extensively across USA, Europe and South East Asia.

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Saifullah Khan
Saifullah Khansaif@ibextrails.com
An itinerant soul, Saif is based in Naran, exploring Northern Areas of the County. Saif has a strong passion for hunting, fishing and adventure sports. When Saif is not working, he is busy entertaining friends, exploring new destinations and writing about his experiences.
Zahid Afzalzahid@ibextrails.com
Zahid has travelled extensively in middle-east and the United States. Zahid enjoys long road trips and explores new destinations in his free time. Zahid works as a technology consultant and manages web platforms for a number of businesses.


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