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Sunday, 19 August 2018 10:29

Birds of Northern Pakistan

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Birds of Northern Pakistan

Northern Pakistan offers a unique habitat to a number of large and small migratory birds flying across from Siberia over to Southern Hemisphere. One the way to this long journey the birds fly over major valleys in the northerner and can be spotted from October to December. Million of birds fly over the mountains to their next destination. 

This offers an amazing opportunity for bird watchers as well as hunters to get close to these creatures. For avid bird-watchers, Norther areas particularly Naran Valley, Chattar Plain and Abbottabd offers great opporunties to spot these unique birds. Some of these most common birds includes:

The Laughing Dove


Laughing doves are found in some African countries, India, Pakistan and some parts of Australia. The birds make occasional screeches while landing. The birds normally land on rice paddy on their way to the southern hemisphere. Some of the bird gets hunted by local hunters. These birds fly both in groups and alone and forage on grain, seeds and vegetation. 



Chakur is a popular species of gamebird much loved by people across the county. Chakur is the national bird of Pakistan.  This bird is usually kept as a pet and also used in some areas for a fight. The coat of the birds has dark black marking and black marking like a necklace around the leg. The bird has a distinct characteristic as it continuously stares at the moon and is used in literature as a symbol of unrequited love. In winter Chakur flies towards high mountains and are spotted Northern mountain ranges. Chakur lives in rocky mountain tops with grass or scattered scrub cultivation. 

The Laggar Falcon


Flacon Laggar is a bird of prey common to Northern Pakistan. These birds have declined recently in number primarily due to excessive use of pesticide in the crops. These species have undergone hybridization and size may vary across the regions.  

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